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Angel of the North

Angel of the North 1

This is the Angel of the North.

It is a steel sculpture standing 20 m tall, with a wingspan of 54 m and completed in 1998. Beneath its outstretched wings coal miners used to toil underground for two centuries.

Unpopular when first built in Gateshead, in Tyneside, it has since grown on the locals. It is one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world, seen by more than one person every second; 33 million in a year.

You pass the Angel when you travel between Newcastle and Durham. I travelled this route four times by train, from Scotland to Yorkshire, and to Aldeburgh, and back again, on my recent UK trip.

The first time I totally missed it, even though I was looking out of my train window for ages. I think I caught a glimpse of it rapidly disappearing behind me, but I didn’t get a photo.

Angel of the North 3

On my return up North, I was ready with my camera, but unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the carriage. Still, this is the shot I got.

What do you mean, you can’t see anything?

Angel of the North 4

You see that blur there? I’m pretty sure that’s the Angel!


On my second trip down South, I travelled by train with my daughter DD, while my daughter Pix drove.

Pix snapped a great shot of the Angel as she passed by it in the car.

Angel of the North 2 – photo credit Pix

I don’t know what happened that third time I passed the Angel, but on the return trip it was pitch black, as our train was running five hours late. Yes, five hours! We got back to Edinburgh at 1 am the next morning; total journey time 15 hours! – but that’s another story!

So, I hear you all ask, how did I manage to get the superb photo shown at the beginning of this post?

Angel of the North 1

You’re not going to believe this, but I found it in a loo!

There was a poster of the Angel put up on the wall inside the toilet on the last train I rode on. I got out my trusty Galaxy cell phone and snapped a photo.

Mission accomplished!

And if it wasn’t for the tell-tale bolt in the sky you’d never know!


Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window 1

Haiku 46

Sunlight filters through

Coloured chips of silica

Stained-glass perfection


Stained Glass Window 2

This beautiful stained glass window is one of many in St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews, Scotland.

St Salvator’s Chapel

The chapel was founded in 1450 and has Late Gothic architecture.

Stained Glass Window 3

There are many magnificent old buildings and churches all over the UK. This is just one small church in one small town.

Stained Glass Window 4

I like the first window the best, but have included all of the windows, because everyone has different tastes and maybe your favourite is one of these others.

Stained Glass Window 5

And below is a shot of the interior. You can see the organ pipes reaching high up into the roof.

St Salvator’s Chapel 2

What I love about a place such as this, apart from the glorious beauty, is the history. You are standing where others have stood, for nearly 570 years!


Galaxy 1

Glass Horse

Glass Horse

Gallopy Gallopy Gallopy!

I was exceptionally lucky at the very beginning of this year to get a new cell phone; my first Smartphone; a Samsung Galaxy J3.

Although my previous phones could access the internet, they did not have WhatsApp or Skype – or any of the vast array of emoticons I now find at my disposal! (Yet, still no hamster?)

I love love love my new phone!

I can chat to my family in the UK, without it costing me anything, as long as I am connected.

And of course, I tried the camera out in the first few minutes.

The photo above of a glass horse ornament was my fourth photo. I played around with the settings and chose sepia.

I really like the effect, so decided to do a short series of ‘Galaxy photos’, like I did ‘Nikon photos’ way back when I got my Nikon camera. (Nikonography.)

Obviously my new phone camera does not have the quality of my Nikon camera, but it fits in my handbag and is fun to use.

I find a lot of my photos are blurred, because I do not keep my hand still and also I am not allowing the camera time to focus –  sooooo used to my trusty point-and-click Canon!!

But as the whole purpose of my blog is to learn new things and have fun, here’s the new series anyway!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I shall!


Why I Love Cape Town

Suitcase Seat 1

Suitcase Seat 1

Because the imagination of the people here never ceases to amaze me.

Suitcase Seat 2

Suitcase Seat 2

Yes, these chairs are made out of old suitcases.

Where are they?

At Cape Town International Airport: Arrivals.

Suitcase Seat 3

Suitcase Seat 3

I don’t know how comfy they’d be to sit on (and yes, I did see people actually using them) but they were certainly fun to look at.


Reverse Engineering

Bloom 1

Bloom 1

I found this gorgeous bulb blooming outside someone’s house on one of my dog walks. There was such a sharp contrast between the petals in full sunlight and those in shade that it added a great deal of colour to the flower.

Bloom 1

Bloom 2

It also reminded me of being taught in art class at school that no colours in nature are ever pure black.

I really like the contrasts between the stamens just catching the sun and their shadows formed on the petals.

Bloom 3

Bloom 3

Nature truly is stunning.


post script: Reverse engineering is taking apart an object to see how it works in order to duplicate or enhance the object. This practice, taken from older industries, is now often used on computer hardware and software, as in the Ben Affleck movie, Paycheck.


Abstract Sundial

Sundial - Abstract

Sundial – Abstract

Monochrome #4

I can’t help noticing patterns and symmetry and I like when things line up.

Here, quite by chance, I discovered that the shadows cast by the sun, at this specific time in the morning, exactly lined up the outline of the roof of the house with the solar garden lamp, to create a satisfying 45 degree angle, within the right angle.

Maybe I’m weird (No – don’t answer that!) – but I liked this. So I played around with GIMP, and present this as my fourth offering for Ady’s challenge at Colorpaletteofady.


Those Peepers!

Those Peepers - Anonymous Model

Those Peepers – Anonymous Model

It is always fun trying on new frames when you need new glasses.

Jeepers, Creepers! Where’d ya get those Peepers?

This was a popular jazz song, written in 1938, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Harry Warren.

I like this Ethel Waters recording Jeepers Creepers