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Arum Lily

Haiku 273

Black and white study

A time of simplicity

Pure Arum Lily


In these stressful times, take a moment to appreciate Nature.

Just breathe.



Portrait of a Dog #5

Mr SL Says Hello

Mr SL Says Hello

Study in Black and White.

Old Mr Spaghetti Legs! Why is his portrait only appearing now, as number 5?

He’s been with us for 8 months, but he is so respectful that he did not look directly at me until just this last week! I wanted to catch that, and here it is at last.

A little of Mr SL’s story: He was removed by the police from his owners on the streets of a town, as he was severely emaciated. He was cared for at an animal rescue organisation for 10 years 8 months, until Little Monkey picked him out as her perfectly compatible companion and he came to live with us.

People feel sorry for Mr SL, for living so long in kennels. Of course I do too, but he could have had a much worse life: of neglect, abuse and starvation. As it was, he was given food, shelter, walks, companionship, both canine and human, vaccinations, medical care when needed, and LOVE LOVE LOVE. He was sorely missed when we took him away.

Dogs live in the moment and I try to follow their example. Still, it took Mr SL 7 months to really relax, and accept this is his home now. And another month to look at the camera and say “Dog biscuits”! (cheese)