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WordPress Ads

Dianthus Raindrops 1

I apologise for all the Adverts you might be seeing these days in my blog posts or WordPress emails.

This has absolutely nothing to do with me!

My site is not monetised and I make nothing from these extremely annoying in-your-face adverts.

I take care when writing a post to place my photos and text carefully, so it is easy to read and makes sense. WordPress sticks its Ads in wherever it feels like, completely messing up my layout and leaving stray bits of text wandering free!

WordPress has been nagging me, again, to upgrade to a paid domain. I ignore all their many emails. I have noticed in the past that when they pester me like this and I don’t upgrade, they increase the amount of adverts on my poor little blog, as a kind of “Look what we can do! If you want your Blog to be Ad-free, then BUY BUY BUY!”

My blog is tiny. I write just for fun. The whole point was that it was free!

So, again I apologise for all the annoying Ads. But I guess WordPress must make its money somehow; if not a paid account, then adverts!


Help WP! Nobody Likes Me!



My Blog’s a bit broken!

I discovered last night that the Likes button has disappeared from the bottom of my posts when you visit my blog. If you click on the title of each post, then the Likes appear again.

In my Settings I have WordPress.com Likes On for all posts. 

As far as I know I haven’t changed anything. (Maybe my extra long post yesterday was too much of a shock for my blog!)

I wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem and if so, how you fix it? I can’t remember how to contact WP for help!

I have deleted the cache and all cookies and un-clicked and re-clicked the above button and saved the changes.

No luck.

Any and all suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you.


I Am 500

Take 500 seconds out of your day and listen to this heavenly music.


Well I made it to 500 posts.

Thank you to all my supporters; everyone who has followed, liked and commented on my blog.

The WordPress community is awesome!


post script: This version of Ave Maria is written by Michal Lorenc and sung by Olga Szyrowa. I really love it. 

post post script: For the one person who is counting, yes, the clip is only 456 seconds long, but I figure you’ll take 44 seconds to read my post!


Houston – It’s All Your Fault!!

Daisy Daisy

Daisy Daisy

I am humbled.

The other week I published my post in the afternoon, and then was busy doing other stuff. When I checked on my blog later, I found not one single “like” or “comment”.

Now, I did not expect this particular post to be popular (It was the Abstract Sundial – which actually later turned out to be way more popular than anticipated). Some posts will automatically get a lot of attention, maybe because it’s a nice photo of flowers, or sunsets; yet other posts, which may take me a great deal of time to prepare, pass by quietly unnoticed, as a ship in the night!

Still, no “likes” at all? So I went to my WP Reader, only to discover that the post was not there!

Back to my dashboard. Yes, it says it has published. Further investigation reveals that while it did publish, it was actually 4 days ago!

What was going on?

I have found this occasionally in the past. Apparently when I am working on a post in draft, and save it, WP gets its knickers in a twist and decides, all by itself, to set the post up as a schedule to publish. So when I press Publish, it has already entered this old arbitrary date of a previous edit, and there you go – my post is 4 days old, and no-one has ever seen it!

I changed the status back to Draft, re-scheduled it to Publish in 5 minutes time, and pressed Update.  (Don’t forget this one either!)

Finally, my Abstract Sundial appeared in my WP Reader, and started receiving attention.

Still, it is a humbling experience to put to your creation out there and have it seemingly ignored. Certainly makes you stop taking things for granted!


Snow Business

Snow Daisy

Snow Daisy

There’s snow Business Like Show Business!

If you’ve visited my blog lately you’ll have noticed I have activated the snow* feature. I like to see snow falling on Little Monkey, as she frolicks in the searing sunshine. You gotta know that not one single snowflake would survive long enough on its passage down through the hot air to actually land on her!

If you read my posts fairly regularly you will also know that my internet is rubbish for most of the day! This is perfectly illustrated by the falling snow! Before 8 am and after about 6 pm, snow falls in a steady stream, sometimes so fast you see three dots streaking down the page instead of one. Any other time during the day – ie when I actually want to use Word.press, the snow stops and starts and inches down the screen at a snail’s pace, or freezes altogether. Welcome to my world – of slow snow internet!

It really is quite hard to try to write a post at these peak hours, especially if I have a photo from the day that I want to add to my post! Impossible! I often end up writing a post at night and scheduling it for publication the next day. Not how I intended blogging at all. I began by writing a quick post in the afternoon, instead of having a crossword break.

It is also impossible to visit other blogs and comment. The wheel keeps on spinning and I get nowhere. So if you were wondering why I had not been commenting as much lately, here’s your answer.

To make life more interesting, we are also experiencing power cuts for two or more hours at a time. We are told, “No, it isn’t power cuts, it is load shedding.” ?????

Basically – it is power cuts, but they are supposed to tell you when you will have them. This doesn’t help either, cos you will look online (when you have power) and be told emphatically There Will Be NO Load Shedding Today – only to have your power go off, for three and a half hours with no warning!

 News flash: Yesterday morning we had two power cuts lasting a total of four and a half hours in the space of six and a half hours! So I didn’t manage to get my post out.

It is very frustrating, not to mention down right annoying. It took my daughter one hour to do a usual five minute part of her journey home the other night! Total time – an hour and a half. Why are traffic lights not on a separate system, and therefore not cut?

I can’t trust the food in my fridge, when it has been switched off for hours, as it is summer here and very hot (33C today). And I find I wake at night to hear the pool pump going at 2 am,  because I have forgotten to re-set the timer again – and again!

Still, I shall find a way to keep posting – somehow!

post script: If you want falling snow* on your blog, go to your Dashboard, select Settings in the sidebar, then General. Scroll down to the snow option and tick. Voila! You have snow till 4 Jan! I found this out from Rachel Squirrel

Are you my 5000 visitor? My stats are currently at 4999. Who will be the lucky one? Oodles of points up for grabs!!


I am a Hundred


Gratuitous Sunrise

Time flies! I can’t believe this is my 100th post already. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited my blog and liked, commented on and followed my posts. I am thoroughly enjoying reading everyone else’s posts, learning interesting things and admiring amazing photography. Here’s to the  Blogging Community!


How guineapigs eat

How guinea pigs eat

To the New Blogger

So, I’m a new blogger – been blogging a month now. I thought I was doing pretty well. I have over 40 followers, over 300 hits and Whoot! I just made 100 likes.

Then I visited someone’s blog in Japan. They had over 2 million hits. I’ll just repeat that – over 2 million!

So what am I doing wrong? Well, I started blogging for fun and I decided my posts would be on topics that interest me. If someone else likes it, great – if not, no worries; I enjoyed writing it.

But if you want more traffic on your site, don’t stress about the numbers, or wait with baited breath for the little orange and white star to appear. . .

Move to Japan!!

post script: What have guinea pigs got to do with all this? Absolutely nothing – but hey, aren’t they cute?