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Viaduct 1

I grew up in the North of England, where seeing beautiful countryside, green fields, sheep, hedgerows and dry stone walls is usual. (You’ll have seen these in some of my Yorkshire posts.) Viaducts are also a common occurrence.

A viaduct is a bridge constructed of several small arches to cross a valley. The ones I know are all railway bridges.

Viaduct 2

It was only when I travelled to other places, such as South Africa, that I came to realise that they were not universally well-known or common.

These viaducts in Yorkshire support railway tracks, with road traffic passing beneath. There are a great many of these beautiful old stone structures all around the area.

Viaduct 3

I snapped these photos through the car windscreen as my sister drove.

I like the effect of Closer, Closer, Wow!


Setting Forth

Kevin 1

There are Three Bridges that span the Firth of Forth in Scotland, connecting Edinburgh to Fife. These are The Forth Bridge, (a railway bridge built between 1883 and 1890), The Forth Road Bridge (for traffic and built between 1958 and 1964) and the newly built, Queensferry Crossing.

Kevin 2

The bridge in my photos is the Queensferry Crossing, which was officially opened a few days ago by the Queen. It is the longest three-tower cable-stayed bridge in the world.

And while its proper name might be the Queensferry Crossing, locally it has been nicknamed Kevin, which I much prefer!


Though I did not travel on that particular bridge, I got a good view of it as I crossed the Firth at sunset.

Kevin 3

My amazing photos were taken through the dirty train window and from the other side of the carriage! I had to edit out the men sitting at the table opposite; one who was working on his laptop; the other who was working his way through a six-pack of beer!

Firth of Forth

My train travelled across the Forth Bridge, which is a cantilever bridge. The only photos I managed to snap of this bridge were the view over the Firth of Forth and some of the overhead girders as our train sped along the track beneath.