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Houston – We have a Problem!

There’s a glitch in the matrix! My follower count has got stuck at 120. When a new blogger follows me, one of my first followers is deleted. I have posted a question in the word.press forum, but no-one is reading it, or replying to it. It’s been 2 days now.

I have become rather attached to my little group of followers, though I am well aware that 90% of them do not actually follow me! I still follow the first person to like one of my posts and follow my blog; even though I know she only did it so I would follow her and she could reach her goal of 10,000 followers. I know she has never again visited my site, and probably promptly un-followed me as soon as I followed her. It doesn’t matter. I enjoy reading her posts every day, and commenting now and then. It is my choice to follow her. And I do follow blogs I enjoy, whether they reciprocate or not. It isn’t all about the numbers to me. I’d rather have a few friends who drop by now and then and have a chat, than 10,000 faceless followers with whom it is obviously impossible to keep in contact. (Which is just as well, really 😉 )

So, what about my technical difficulties? This post started out yesterday as a cry for help, but in the meantime I have since sorted it out by myself! (I know – gasp!!) I re-read stuff and saw they said to clear your browser cache and cookies. I hadn’t bothered with this before, because one: I have been blogging such a short time, how much baggage could I have acquired? and two: when I looked on line, previous bloggers with my problem had to get help from tech support.

Well, I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained and set about following their step by step instructions to delete my browser cache. (Note: They do say Not to delete your word.press cookies or your laptop will implode.)

Et Voila! My followers are all back; all 125 of them.

So then I un-subscribed from my support forums, where no-one was helping me anyway. It is as usual – if you want something done, do it yourself!

Being scifihammy, I wanted to know why this works. Apparently, your computer stores your blog info in a cache and then goes looking for it there, instead of online where it is up to date. So you end up with old info, or glitches, like I got.

post script: If you read this and shook your head at my ineptitude, that’s OK. I never claimed to be a computer whiz. I danced when I sussed out how to add photos to my posts! But I am willing to learn. And, just occasionally, I amaze my family with something I know that they don’t. So it’s all good.