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O Holy Night

The incomparable Andy Williams


This is one of my favourite carols, if sung properly. Most singers nowadays tend to belt out this lovely carol full volume. I’d like to point out it is called ‘Holy Night’, not ‘Foghorn’!

Here is Andy Williams, one of my favourite singers, performing the carol beautifully, with his amazing voice control.

And I know Susan Boyle is a bit of an odd character, but she also sings this song beautifully. O Holy Night Susan Boyle


post script: Yes, it looks like the Christmas posts have begun. I don’t know about chestnuts roasting, but we certainly are! It is super hot today with barely a waft of wind; the sky is a perfect, clear, deep blue; the kids have started their long summer holiday; and the Cape is filling up with tourists. All of which points to the start of the festive season, aptly named the Silly Season here in SA.