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Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral 1

Peterborough Cathedral, or the Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew, to use its full name, originated in 655 AD.

This magnificent cathedral started life in Anglo Saxon times as a simple church and monastic settlement and was one of the first centres of Christianity in central England. Over the centuries it was destroyed, rebuilt and added to in various architectural styles until ending up as the unique structure we see today. (Click on the link above for more info).

Why did I visit here?

Well, my long train journey from Edinburgh, Scotland to Aldeburgh, Suffolk was broken both ways by a two hour stopover in Peterborough.

It was very frustrating, as we were travelling on to Ipswich, but missed the connecting train by a few minutes (it is scheduled this way! The train you want to catch departs the station a few minutes before you pull into it.) And trains to Ipswich were only every two hours.

There is not much else to do in Peterborough apart from walk to the Cathedral for a visit!

Peterborough Cathedral 2

I like the view above as you walk across the square, also full of old stone buildings, and see the cathedral towers in the distance.

Our first walk there was a little longer than necessary, simply because of bad sign-posting! We followed the sign posts for the cathedral, from the station. This took us to a series of underground walkways combined with a cycle track, which we duly followed. However, we seemed to miss our way somehow and came out on a major road.

Well, we trundled along there, thinking ‘How hard can it be to miss a cathedral?” and so eventually found it.

Peterborough Cathedral 4

It was only on our return walk back to the station that we saw where we had gone wrong. Along the cycle/walk way there were some steps up to the quickest route to the cathedral. Easy to find from this direction, but virtually impossible to notice from the other way. I stopped and turned round to look at the steps that we had missed, and yep, there was no sign pointing that way.

Peterborough Cathedral 3

Even more frustrating is the fact that we had all our bags with us, both times. There is nowhere at Peterborough station that you can leave your bag. If they set up some storage lockers they would make a fortune!

We’d looked online for tips and followed the suggestion of asking at the hotel directly opposite the station to see if we could leave our bags there for a while, but no luck. Maybe too many people before us had taken this advice and asked?

So we were forced to drag and carry all our luggage with us to the Cathedral and once there, drag it around the interior of that ancient edifice.

So, yes, I visited Peterborough Cathedral twice during my short UK trip last August. It wasn’t so bad though. On the return trip we sat outside in the sun drinking tea and eating excellent food, with a clear view of the cathedral shining in the sun.


Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Window 1

Haiku 46

Sunlight filters through

Coloured chips of silica

Stained-glass perfection


Stained Glass Window 2

This beautiful stained glass window is one of many in St Salvator’s Chapel, St Andrews, Scotland.

St Salvator’s Chapel

The chapel was founded in 1450 and has Late Gothic architecture.

Stained Glass Window 3

There are many magnificent old buildings and churches all over the UK. This is just one small church in one small town.

Stained Glass Window 4

I like the first window the best, but have included all of the windows, because everyone has different tastes and maybe your favourite is one of these others.

Stained Glass Window 5

And below is a shot of the interior. You can see the organ pipes reaching high up into the roof.

St Salvator’s Chapel 2

What I love about a place such as this, apart from the glorious beauty, is the history. You are standing where others have stood, for nearly 570 years!