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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle 1

I couldn’t visit Edinburgh and not post a few photos of the Castle, seen here in sunlight.

I found that my little old point and click Canon camera often battled to capture good images, due to the dim lighting on cloudy or rainy days in the UK.

Edinburgh Castle 2

Fortunately, the sun came out to bathe the Castle in bright light, which my trusty Canon could then happily snap!

I took shots from different angles as we walked along through Princes Street gardens.

Edinburgh Castle 3

The castle is built on Castle Rock, the remains of the inner pipe of an extinct volcano from about 350 million years ago. There is evidence that humans have been living on the rock since at least the 2nd century AD.

Edinburgh Castle 4

From the 12th century there’s been a royal castle on the rock, which became used as a military barracks by the 17th century.

Today Edinburgh Castle is an historic fortress, clearly visible as a main feature of the Edinburgh city skyline.

Flower Clock

And here is a magnificent clock made of flowers that we came across in Princes Street Gardens. I’ve always enjoyed working flower clocks.




Dandelion Clock

Dandelion Clock

The Magnificent Golden Glory of the Darling Dandelion

I have always liked dandelions. Who doesn’t want to pick up that ball of clockwork fluff and blow it to kingdom come? The number of puffs it takes to blow all the seeds off the stem tells the time. It is now precisely 27 o’clock!  (That last seed just didn’t want to budge!) Hmm, time for tea!