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Sunday Musings #189

OK, so you’re 10 years old, you have a laptop, iPod, Facebook and a Blackberry . . Dude when I was ten I only had one thing to play with – it was called “OUTSIDE.”

– Unknown


Yeah, Yeah, I know. There will always be the Generation Gap.

Still, I think that my childhood was a lot healthier than today’s kids will have.


Sunday Musings #158

Life is too short to remove USB safely.

– Unknown


I have one particular external HD that insists it is still in use, when I know I have closed everything. Now I don’t even ask my computer if it is safe to remove it, because I know it is and it will tell me it is not.

There seem to be different names in use for these little devices. I call them Flash Sticks, because you know, the small ones are sticks and they flash!

My sister in the UK calls them Memory sticks. I believe they are also referred to as USB or U, pen, thumb(nail), drives or sticks.

Removing these little guys isn’t too much of a problem. My main frustration is when you have stayed up a little too late watching ‘stuff’ online and now you really need to go to sleep. You try to shut down your laptop, only to be met with the Windows statement, Update and Shut Down or Update and Restart. No other options! Grrrr!


Sunday Musings #144

Maybe if we start telling people the brain is an App they’ll start using it. 

– Unknown


Sometimes I think that the intelligence of the human race is deteriorating more with every new device that comes on the market.

We evolved opposable thumbs for grasping things, not for playing games on electronic devices.

The more time people spend connected to their devices, the less time they spend using their brain and actually thinking.

And as the saying goes; use it or lose it!


post script: Before I get any backlash here, let me say that there is nothing wrong in playing games or being on social media. It’s just that I think some time every day should be spent away from it; going outside and connecting with nature or other people – actually in person; reading a book; creating something – a painting, writing, planting seeds; learning something new and using your brain. 

And a Thank You to Quiall at Butterfly Sand, whose Shady Quip made me think of this today.


Oops Upside Your Head – Or The Idiot’s Guide to Computing!

Guineapigs eating

Guinea-pigs eating

I just managed somehow to rotate my laptop screen by 90 degrees, so it was sideways on!!! Fine to look at – simply turn the laptop sideways. But the mouse pad was all upside down. You had to navigate up and down on the mouse pad to make the cursor go left and right, which was very confusing!  It took me forever to position the cursor so I could search google for a fix!

Which is –

Ctrl-Alt-Up Arrow
– For if you ever happen to be so “gifted” as me!
Well Nuff excitement for one night I think!

Have a listen to this – Oops Upside Your Head – which is how I felt!