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Daisy 1

Haiku 246

Gloriously gold

Petals absorbing sunshine

Glow exquisitely


Daisy and bee 2

This exquisite flower, an orange Cape Daisy, entices insects to itself, with alluring scents and ultraviolet markings, hidden to us. Here is a Cape honey bee making use of all this bounty, though I don’t think it’s the same little guy from my garden the other day!

How lucky are we, to enjoy Nature’s beauty, even if it was never meant for us!


Flower seen at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town.




Daisy 1

Cape Daisy 1

Haiku 31

Surviving is hard

Each knock takes a chunk of you

Ravages of time


Ba TT ered


We all get battered and bruised by life’s trials,┬ábut like this flower, most of us just keep going.

We might be missing a few bits and pieces, often parts that cannot be seen, but never-the-less, we carry on as best we can.

Cape Daisy 2

Cape Daisy 2

I found these cheerful flowers growing in my front lawn the other day. I have not planted any and there are none elsewhere in my garden, or in my immediate neighbours’. They are quite small and are growing in the weeds that pass for my lawn in winter.

They are Cape Daisies, ursinia speciosa, and are native to southern Africa.

The only explanation I can come up with, is that Little Monkey, Mr Spaghetti Legs and I have brought back some seeds on the soles of our feet, after walking in the local common, where these flowers proliferate in the preserved fynbos areas.

However they got here, I’m happy they did.


You can read about fynbos in a previous post.