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Dandelion Rainbow 1

Haiku 270

I found a rainbow

In the most unlikely place

A hidden treasure


Dandelion Rainbow 2

The magnificent Dandelion, shining in full bloom.

She doesn’t know she is a weed!




Giant Dandelion 1

Haiku 233

Gleefully golden

Spreading your seeds everywhere

Welcome to the bees


Giant Dandelion 2

These giant dandelions have suddenly sprung up all over the lawn.

Pretty to look at, indeed, and the bees certainly favour them. – see photo below

Giant Dandelion and Bee 3

But in the end, they’re just big weeds, which are successfully overwhelming the struggling grass, so they have to go!





Sprouting from the brickwork

None-the less you grow

Waiting for that west wind

To blow


Your seeds fluffed by raindrops

Watch the water flow

Now you’re simply waiting

To sow


Looking more like feathers

White as driven snow

Still you go on waiting

To go



This lone dandelion caught my eye as I passed it on the steps. It was so white, not the gold I’m used to seeing in bright sunlight, and the rain had clumped the seeds together, making the ends look like wet feathers.

It didn’t matter to me that I did not plant it, nor that it is considered a weed. I admired its tenacity, flourishing there in the bricks.

I thought it beautiful.


Mummy’s Other Little Helper



As I crouched down to take a shot of the dandelion clock, Little Monkey, with her ‘hunter’ eyes, quickly sussed out what I was interested in. She ran straight through the weed – leaving me with the above aftermath.

Little Monkey Helps

Little Monkey Helps

I tried again, zooming in on another little weed, only to find it wasn’t in focus. Something else was there . . .

LM Helping

LM Helping

What the?

LM In the Position

LM In the Position

Oh, it’s you, Little Monkey, sitting so inelegantly, as usual, and looking casually disinterested. You didn’t know I was trying to capture the dandelion? You thought I must want a picture of you? Of course I did!



Dandelion Clock

Dandelion Clock

The Magnificent Golden Glory of the Darling Dandelion

I have always liked dandelions. Who doesn’t want to pick up that ball of clockwork fluff and blow it to kingdom come? The number of puffs it takes to blow all the seeds off the stem tells the time. It is now precisely 27 o’clock!  (That last seed just didn’t want to budge!) Hmm, time for tea!