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Catching the Red-Eye

Red-Eyed Dove 1

Haiku 243

Catching the Red-Eye

Involves stealth and much patience

But mostly Dumb Luck!


Many pigeons visit my garden, scratch around in the grass, drink from the dog bowls and splash in the bird bath.

Red-Eyed Dove 2 – Photo page 197 of Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa

Most are either the small Cape Laughing Dove, (25 cm) Number 4 in photo above, or the larger Cape Turtle Dove (28 cm) Number 3 above.

One day here was this giant, quite unique and bigger than all the rest (33 – 36 cm) Number 2 in above photo.

He is a Red-Eyed Dove, the largest of the ring-necked doves, with a thicker black neck band and a very prominent Red Eye!

Red-Eyed Dove 3

Conveniently, he posed on top of the tree trunk and I was lucky enough to snap a quick photo. He even caught the morning sunlight on his face for a perfect portrait!


post script: I’d heard the expression, “Catching the Red Eye”, probably in American movies! It refers to a late night flight that arrives early the next morning.