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Three Cheers for Mr Mole!

LM and Mr Mole 1

LM and Mr Mole 1

In the spirit of Enid Blyton, Noddy and Big Ears.

“Oh No!” cried Little Monkey. “Something’s happened to the lawn! What will Mummy say?”

“What is it?” asked Mr Spaghetti Legs, coming over to investigate.

“Look at the grass,” said Little Monkey. “It has been dug up in tunnels!”

Mr Mole 2

Mr Mole 2

“Oh dear!” agreed Mr Spaghetti Legs. “Mummy will be really cross. You know how she hates it when we¬†dig up the lawn!”

Mummy came out of the house and the two friends looked up at her in concern.

“Look what’s happened, Mummy,” they said, quickly adding, “It wasn’t us!”

“That’s all right,” said Mummy smiling. “It is just Mr Mole.”

“Mr Mole?” asked Little Monkey.

Mr Mole 3

Mr Mole 3

“Yes,” said Mummy. “Some bugs were eating my lawn, and I asked Mr Mole if he would like to have his dinner here last night. And he agreed.”

“So it is a good thing?” asked Mr Spaghetti Legs, wondering how he could also get to chew up the lawn.

“Yes, it is,” agreed Mummy.

“Three Cheers for Mr Mole!” cried Little Monkey and Mr Spaghetti Legs.


post script: I loved Enid Blyton as a child, and avidly read all the Noddy and Big Ears books, all the tales of Toyland and more. I know poor Enid has since fallen out of favour; her writing being criticised for all sorts of things, but here’s one little girl who will be forever grateful for the fantastic journeys I took with her, and later passed on to my children.

post post script: The sticky things on the mole runs are the stalks from the orange berries that have fallen from the Syringa tree. Squirrels and birds eat the berries.