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I am Not a Fitness Fanatic!

grey squirrel - little friend

grey squirrel – little friend

So there I am, peddling away on the exercise bike, in an attempt simply to maintain my weight – Double Apple Gene – remember?

No amount of happy, upbeat music can detract from the sheer boredom of the exercise – (pun intended!)

But Lo! What light through yonder window breaks? It is a little Cape Robin! It flits around the dogs’ water bowls on the stoep, then perches up on the grape vine, where it fluffs out its feathers, for a moment providing me with a welcome respite.

The robin has no sooner flown away, than a little grey squirrel appears, fidgeting around the lawn, looking for buried treasures, twitching its tail like it is dancing to its own music.

And before you know it, exercise time is up! Cappuccino – here I come!

I’d like to thank my little friends for helping me through my ordeal.