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Sunday Musings #200

Research has shown that laughing for two minutes is just as healthy as a twenty minute jog. So now I’m sitting in the park laughing at all the joggers.

– Unknown


At this time of year I stop worrying about all the exercising and dieting. Yeah, we may eat, drink and be merry, but we also dash around like headless chickens trying to get everything done.

I figure it balances out in the end!



Sunday Musings #198

My favourite machine at the gym is the vending machine.

– Caroline Rhea


Actually, I don’t go to the gym, as I exercise at home and also get a good workout hacking branches off trees and lugging buckets of grey water around the place etc.

But if I did go to the gym, the vending machine would definitely be my favourite!


Sunday Musings #131

That awkward moment when you’re wearing *Nike’s and you can’t do it.

– Anon


haha I like this!

I sometimes see people all dressed up in the latest sports gear setting off jogging or on their bike. My daughter used to see girls at the gym; dressed up and wearing makeup. They had gone to socialise not work out!

The genuine athletes wear comfy clothes and shoes; often old and falling apart. They are there to exercise, not be in a fashion parade.

For myself, I make sure I have a decent pair of walking shoes and that’s about it. Yes, I own an exercise bike (gammy knees), which I use regularly at home, when it’s not too hot! For the rest, I walk Little Monkey and do various strengthening exercises.

And while I’ve never owned a pair of Nike’s in my life, I do appreciate the sentiment.

*Nike’s slogan is “Just Do It!”


I am Not a Fitness Fanatic!

grey squirrel - little friend

grey squirrel – little friend

So there I am, peddling away on the exercise bike, in an attempt simply to maintain my weight – Double Apple Gene – remember?

No amount of happy, upbeat music can detract from the sheer boredom of the exercise – (pun intended!)

But Lo! What light through yonder window breaks? It is a little Cape Robin! It flits around the dogs’ water bowls on the stoep, then perches up on the grape vine, where it fluffs out its feathers, for a moment providing me with a welcome respite.

The robin has no sooner flown away, than a little grey squirrel appears, fidgeting around the lawn, looking for buried treasures, twitching its tail like it is dancing to its own music.

And before you know it, exercise time is up! Cappuccino – here I come!

I’d like to thank my little friends for helping me through my ordeal.

The Double Apple Gene

Double Apple Gene

Double Apple Gene

I suffer from the double apple gene! Never heard of it? Well, you probably know that people with a pear-shaped figure are supposed to be healthier and live longer than those with an apple-shaped figure? Both my parents were apple-shaped – so I must have inherited the Double Apple Gene!

It simply means that while a normal person eats chocolate, and gains a little weight, us poor “doubles” only have to think about chocolate to pile on the kilos.

It’s OK though. As long as I eat more healthy food than I care for, eat less yummy food than I’d like, and exercise way more than I want to – then I can maintain my weight.

As for apples – I don’t really care for them! So, how do I keep the doctor away?

Vodka – of course!