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Vixen 1

Look what I spotted when out and about in Nature yesterday. What a treat to see this female fox.

I just caught a glimpse of her as she walked away.

Vixen 2

Notice the little black feet and bushy tail. Even though it was early morning, it is still unusual to see them during the day.

Vixen 3 – LM

Of course, it could just be our very own Little Monkey, after she’s been paddling in a muddy stream!

Did I trick you? Did I?

It’s been a while since I’ve tried as it’s getting harder to fool you guys; you’re too sharp!


post script: Here in Cape Town we don’t get the large Red Fox that is typically found in the Northern Hemisphere and Australia, but we do have our very own Cape Fox. This is silver in colour, about 30 cm tall and weighs up to 5 kg. So it’s quite a bit smaller than LM who weighs in at nearly 23 kg.