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Hang On!



Galaxy 6

This little gecko treks across my ceiling in the evenings. I love his little toes!

I don’t know why he goes on safari through the great expanse of wilderness up there, when any ants to be had would surely be at ground level, but he certainly provides entertainment for me; mostly in hoping he doesn’t fall off!


This is the sixth in my series of Galaxy camera phone photos. I had to climb on a chair to be close enough to get a good shot of him!



Gecko 1

Gogic the Gecko 1

This little chap, about an inch long, has been running round the bedroom lately. I managed to photograph him high up on the wall. (Yes, the wall really is stippled like that and takes your knuckles off if you tuck a sheet in carelessly.)

Long ago when the kids were young, we had a resident gecko who walked along the edge of the Constable print every night. We called him George.

My daughter DD drew a picture of him and tried to write his name. As she was only 4 or 5 years old, she wrote George as Gogic.

Forever after, we call all geckos Gogic – of course!

Here’s another photo of the latest little Gogic.

Gogic the Gecko 2

Gogic the Gecko 2

He was watching me very carefully, and as soon as I stopped snapping pictures of him, he scarpered.

I found him later on my pillow!