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A Rose For You

Red Red Rose

Haiku 85

Heavenly perfume

One of Nature’s miracles

The scent of a rose


This rose is from my garden. I only have three rose bushes; one large plant that produces an abundance of pink roses, with little scent, and two small ones that produce only a few red blooms, but with a magnificent scent.

I wish I could somehow transmit this beautiful aroma across the ether!

This red rose is for all my Northern friends; especially Pam at Butterflysand, who loves roses.

May it brighten your day as you approach winter.



Apple Blossoms

Apple Blossom 1

Haiku 84

Gnarly old branches

How do you keep producing

Beautiful blossom?


Apple Blossom 2

My apple tree is ancient. It was already here when we bought the house.

Apple Blossom 3

Though the trunk and branches are covered in lumps and bumps, the tree still survives:

Apple Blossom 4

Producing beautiful blossoms every single year.

However this tree manages it, I am always grateful anew, every single spring.


Tiny Miracles of Nature

Feather 1

Haiku 83

Found on my carpet

Wondering where you come from

Tiny grey feather


Feather 2

Isn’t a feather quite simply perfect?


post script: The feather where I found it on my carpet (second photo) is hard to make out, so the first photo shows it more clearly, on top of my hi-fi speaker, lit by sunlight from the window.



Little Monkey

Haiku 80

Hey Mum! You have my

Undivided attention

Tasty treat offered



There’s no denying that Little Monkey lurves her food; the more so, the older she gets.

I had a special treat for her and judging by this focused look, I guess it smelled really good!


post script: For dog owners: others may find this a bit gross! I suppose someone will want to know what the treat was: a dried pig’s ear. I’ve never given her one before and after first seeming a bit wary, she promptly ate it. Then she brought it all back up in the kitchen during the night!



Freesia 1

Haiku 79

Though a late bloomer

Colours fuse beautifully




We used to have freesias of many different colours, but over the years the yellow ones have tended to dominate. I don’t know why. I also had one white freesia this year.

Sometime after all the freesias had died down, this last flower shyly peeped out.

Freesia 2

She is a creamy colour that seems to be a lovely hybrid of the yellow and white plants.

The colour makes me think of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Mmmmm

I also like the shape of the older flower drying out towards the bottom. It sort of looks like a squid!