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English Daisy

English Daisy 1

Haiku 76

Delicate pink bloom

Cheeks of strawberries and cream

My English Daisy


English Daisy 2

post script: This is another plant I’ve grown from seeds that were free from my supermarket. (See Gone to seed). It’s taken five months to bloom.





Haiku 75

Sharpness of Image

With varying shades of white

Crystal Clarity



Unfortunately, after processing through WP, much of the clarity of the original photo has been lost!


Gone to Seed

Mustard 1

Haiku 74

Seems like yesterday

You sprouted fresh, strong and tall

Too soon gone to seed!


Mustard 2

Some time ago our local supermarket was giving away free seeds with your purchases. I duly planted them all as instructed and everything grew; the mustard seed spectacularly so.


In Isolation

Little Monkey 1

Haiku 73

In isolation

An inconvenient truth

Of First World problems


As you can see from the super relaxed position, Little Monkey is supremely unaffected by two days without internet and a twelve hour power cut.

Little Monkey 2

After all, she doesn’t chat online or drink coffee!


All Hail


Haiku 71

All Hail! Little stones

Dancing on my patio

So rare yet welcome



We had Hail!

It is quite rare for the conditions to be just right for it to hail here in Cape Town. However, after a storm raging all night at the weekend, we got this brief hailstorm in the early morning. It was great to watch the little stones bouncing on the slaster.

It seems we are getting our July weather after all – but in August!


post script: The weather is odd right now. When a cold front passes bringing rain, the temperatures drop right down. It was 9 C reaching a high of only 11 C when it hailed, which is cold for CT. But the sun, when it comes out, is hot!

The sun has been returning for two months already. It is higher in the sky, much warmer than it was and around for longer in the day. It is very pleasant for Little Monkey and I to take a walk after a rainstorm, when the air is fresh and clear, and the sun warm on our backs. 


Raindrops on Freesias


Haiku 70

Raindrops on Freesia

Catching the morning sunlight

Brighten up my day


Freesia 2

Winter’s last mad fling

Icy winds that howl and blow

Soft rains gently fall


Freesia 3


July was warm and dry, prompting my freesias to bloom early. We are lucky there have been good rains this August. My garden and I welcome every last raindrop.


The Return

Erica 1

Haiku 69

Welcome back old friend

So glad to see you survived

Love is triumphant


Erica 2

This little fynbos plant, Erica Quadrangularis, has survived another year.

The main stem is thinner than my little finger, yet it is once again covered in tiny white flowers.

Erica 3

You may remember I planted it for Mr Spaghetti Legs almost two years ago.

Mr Spaghetti Legs

And here’s the old boy.


It’s good to know some things return in the spring.