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Pansy Face

Pansy 1

Haiku 64

Little pansy face

Bobbing in the breezes while

Hiding from the sun


Sitting in a pot on my stoep these newly-planted yellow pansies enjoy a little shelter from the sun and wind.

Pansy 2

Watched over by Bunny and Mr Frog.



Lovely Ladybird

Lady Bird

Haiku 63

Scurrying so fast

Lovely little Ladybird

Vast expanse of towel


We used to see Ladybirds quite often, way back when in the old days. One summer camping in Sweden we awoke one morning to find our orange tent completely covered in Ladybirds. I mean totally! It took us ages to shake off every last one before packing up the tent. It was the Summer of the Ladybird!

Now it is such a rare occurrence, that whenever I do see a Ladybird I have to dash for my camera to record the event.

This one I found sunbathing on my towel that was hanging out on the line with the other washing. Of course, the moment I started taking photos, she became camera shy and began scurrying about. This made it hard to focus, not helped by a sudden gust of wind that sent my towel billowing. Still, I got one shot before she flew off.

This unusually marked Ladybird doesn’t look like the ones I used to see, which were basically red with black spots. Either way, I was very happy to see her. I hope she finds her way to my roses, where she can enjoy a feast of aphids!

I think this particular little bug is called a Lunate Ladybird.


post script: My towel is not particularly shaggy; it’s just quite a close up to capture the Ladybird. My trusty little Canon succeeds again!


Scattering Rainbows

Sunlight Rainbow


Haiku 62

Prismatic colours

Hidden inside a sunbeam

Scattering rainbows



Here is proof that white light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow.

When I took a shot facing the early morning sun, my trusty little Canon camera somehow managed to turn┬áthe sun’s rays into this lovely colour spectrum.

You can split white light up into its constituent colours using a glass prism. This was first done by Isaac Newton.


A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

Bougainvillea Butterflies


Haiku 61

Dancing in the breeze

Many cool pink butterflies




When I was walking round my garden the other day taking photos of the flowers, I noticed that these shots of my pink bougainvillea looked like pretty pink butterflies!

Did you know that the collective noun for a group of butterflies is Kaleidoscope?


Colourful Reflections



Haiku 60

Reflecting upon

Your secret inner nature

Colour your thoughts peach



My hibiscus is the plant that just keeps on giving. Most of the year there are blooms all over it.

Even though it is mid-winter here in Cape Town it still produces lovely flowers. Also I find that the weaker yellow light of winter, striking the flowers at a more oblique angle, enhances the peachy colour even more.

Here I found one bloom with its head turned towards the wall. Its colour was reflected back in its shadow.


Storm Front

Red Skies 1

Haiku 58

A beautiful sight

Clouds amass in red sunset

Presage to a Storm


Did you know that Cape Town is referred to as The Cape of Good Hope?

Did you know it is also referred to as The Cape of Storms?

Red Skies 2

We get some tremendous gales down here at the tip of the African continent. We are the first outcrop of land to take the brunt of those Antarctic storm fronts that come rushing in from the south west.

We are used to it.

When we talk about it being a bit windy, you can be sure the trees are bending furiously in the gales and your breath is whipped from your body when you walk abroad.

Red Skies 3

This year we are particularly grateful for each and every one of these storm fronts that actually does hit our coastline.

Last year, time after time, they passed by south of us, taking their tantalising rain clouds with them.

Last year was the third year in a row that we received a lower than average rainfall and the drought hit us hard.

So far, this year promises to be better. Already we have had more rain than the same time last year. The total dam levels in Cape Town are at 26%. This time last year they were at 19%.

And Capetonians are continuing to save water like crazy. We are still limited to a maximum of 50 litres per person per day.

This is what has saved us; so far.

We can only hope that our rainy months of June and July fulfill our expectations and the dams replenish enough to last us through to this time next year.

Bring on the storms!


post script: You can read about how different our winters were back in 2014, in two of my early posts: Give a Dog a Bone and Cape of Storms.