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The Most Beautiful Sound in the World


Rainfall in a drought-stricken land.


Haiku 44

Whispers in the night

Dying leaves now susurrate




How I have missed the soothing sound of rain falling, especially in the middle of the night.

My trusty Canon captured Nature’s special effects: Raindrops frozen in spacetime.

In the background you can just make out the pink blobs that are new blooms on my camellia bush.


post script: I just love the word susurrate: meaning, of leaves or wind, making a whispering, rustling sound. Definitions and origins can be found here: susurratesusurration.





Haiku 43

Sunlight reflecting

Energy freely given

Honeysuckle gold



While we might be short of water, and other things, here in the Western Cape, one thing we are not short of is – sunlight!

post script: Sunlight always makes me think of this beautiful song written by John Denver in 1971 and performed by Andy Williams; so let me share with you “Sunshine on my shoulders”.


You’re a Star!

Gem Squash 1

Gem Squash 1


Haiku 39

Pointy golden girl

Spreading yourself everywhere

You know you’re a Star!



I found this unusual yellow star flower growing by my air plant. On closer inspection, I realised it was growing like a creeper out of a pot on the stoep.

Gem Squash 2

Gem Squash 2

What is it? It’s a gem squash plant. My husband took a seed from a gem squash he’d eaten, stuck it in a pot and voila!

Gem Squash 3

Gem Squash 3

– Yellow star flowers and teeny tiny gem squash in the making!