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Happy Skies

Happy Skies

Happy Skies

Second choice: Happy Skies. So you’re the “glass half full” kind of person. You see mid-week as, “Yay, half the week is over!”

If you’re having a bad day, maybe some blue sky with cotton-wool clouds will brighten it up.

No – I didn’t smudge the picture; it was really like this. Enjoy. And Happy Wednesday.

A Piece of Cake

A piece of cake!

A piece of cake!

Happiness is . . .

Suddenly remembering there’s a slice of milk tart left in the fridge! Yum!

What is melktert? It is an Afrikaans dessert, similar, but superior, to the English egg custard.

Try it out for yourself:


Oh wait! That one’s in Afrikaans! haha

Here you go: