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How guineapigs eat

How guinea pigs eat

To the New Blogger

So, I’m a new blogger – been blogging a month now. I thought I was doing pretty well. I have over 40 followers, over 300 hits and Whoot! I just made 100 likes.

Then I visited someone’s blog in Japan. They had over 2 million hits. I’ll just repeat that – over 2 million!

So what am I doing wrong? Well, I started blogging for fun and I decided my posts would be on topics that interest me. If someone else likes it, great – if not, no worries; I enjoyed writing it.

But if you want more traffic on your site, don’t stress about the numbers, or wait with baited breath for the little orange and white star to appear. . .

Move to Japan!!

post script: What have guinea pigs got to do with all this? Absolutely nothing – but hey, aren’t they cute?