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Holiday Hiatus


While many of my WP Followers up in the North are digging themselves out of snow drifts, it is full on summer down here in Cape Town.

I shall be busy with family: sipping champagne under the shade of the ancient giant oaks; strolling along endless white sand beaches while the wind whips a cool breeze in our faces; and enjoying many afternoon teas with a backdrop of vineyards and mountains.

But it’s not all rosy down here at this time of year. Or rather, it is far too rosy!

As you roast your chestnuts on an open fire, with Jack Frost nipping at your nose, spare a thought for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, who are roasting in our own particular way at this time of year.

To get an idea of what it is like, put your turkey in the oven and turn the temperature up high. Open the oven door, sit in front of it and let the heat waft over you – for 15 hours.

That’s our Christmas!


Though I won’t be around as often as usual for the next month or so, I will pop by WP now and then.

Wishing a Happy Holiday Season to one and all

– And see you when I see you.


I Need a Holiday!

Unsettling Clouds

Unsettling Clouds

Last night, I tried to put my coffee in the fridge and wash my contact lenses down the plug hole!

I was cleaning my lenses to put away for the night, and began by washing out the container. I gave it a jolly good rinse under the running tap, then put the plug in the sink, before taking out my lenses to clean; only to realiseĀ I was wearing my glasses – so where were my lenses? Tentatively I pulled out the plug. Luckily, there were my little lenses, clinging on by a hairsbreadth to the circular holes that lead to oblivion!

Even inanimate objects want to live!