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Horse sense

So you don’t come across horses everyday, which makes it interesting when you do.

The first time my rescue dog Mr Spaghetti Legs saw a horse, we had just got back in the car after a nice long walk. A  horse and rider appeared, and decided to canter in circles on the field right by my car. Wow, thought Mr SL, and started barking to tell me how audacious this big animal was. I told him to stop, and tapped his neck. He then growled every time the horse circled past the car. Another tap and he sat there totally relaxed with a big grin on his face. (long walk and balanced dog.)

The first time Little Monkey saw a horse, we had also just finished a nice long walk and were sitting on a bench when a horse and rider approached. Anything new is scary to this rescued dog, so she leapt up in excitement, till I got her to sit still. The horse passed by us and the Idiot simply watched. However, when the horse was about 20 metres away it started to trot, and something clicked in Little Monkey’s head. It was quite obvious, that moment when Little Monkey saw the horse as prey. I snapped her out of it. If she had not been on a lead she would have chased after the horse and I wonder what she would have done once she got nearer and realised the horse was actually massive, not the tiny animal it had appeared to be from the bench!