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Chestnut Horse

I came across this handsome fellow at a vineyard the other day. (His mouth looks a bit funny because he is chewing grass!)

What might not show up so much in my photos is the magnificent chestnut sheen to his coat.

Chestnut Horse 2

I had stopped my car to the side of the lane and got out for a better view.

Chestnut Horse 3

The horse was way off in the field when I arrived, but I just stood at the fence admiring him.

Chestnut Horse 4

He saw me and came sauntering over; right up to the fence to say Hello.

Chestnut Horse 5

I stroked his muzzle and patted his neck.

Chestnut Horse 6

Two happy beings meeting by mutual consent on a field in the middle of vineyards with a backdrop of distant mountains.

Chestnut Horse 7

When I returned that way later he’d been joined by his friend.

Chestnut Horse 8

They were walking away from me in the far distance; two magnificent steeds.


post script: I realise that my friends in the freezing Northern Hemisphere probably read my title and assumed I was referring to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”.

Nope. Far too hot here to think of that, especially with the sun roasting us every day!


Horse Ride

Horses 1

Horses 1

Beautiful horses waiting to take you for a ride, by the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany.

Horses 2

Horses 2

Looking at these lovely horses now, i wish I had gone for a horse ride.

But I know why I didn’t at the time. It’s expensive travelling abroad on the SA Rand, we were pushed for time and I am allergic to horses. So as much as I love them, I didn’t want to risk jeopardising the enjoyment of the rest of my day’s outing, by sitting behind them in the carriage, with the wind and horse dander blowing in my face, sneezing my head off!

Still, they are beautiful!