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Grape Vine Leaf 1

Haiku 123

Tiny grape vine leaf

What do you think you’re doing?

It’s winter you know!


Grape Vine Leaf 2

I’ve seen this grape vine get confused before. I don’t know if it is rain or sun that triggers it to produce new leaves, but they won’t survive. Yes, it is still mid-winter here in Cape Town; and the sky really is that blue!

While checking out my apple tree the other day, and wondering when the leaves would start to fall, I noticed new growth there on the end of some branches!

I don’t know what is going on, but surely it would be better to wait till Spring, in September!



50 Shades of Pink!

Pink Bougainvillea 1

Haiku 121

Shades of neon pink

Delicate and paper-thin

Brighten up my day


Pink Bougainvillea 2

It is lovely to see this splash of bright pink every time I go into the front garden. I planted this bougainvillea many years ago and it has grown into a massive tree. Blooming happily away now in the Cape winter, it really does brighten up my day.


Sunday Musings #179

If a man says he will fix it, he will. There is no need to remind him every six months about it!

– Unknown


This made me smile, because I have a friend who is forever asking her husband to fix stuff around the house. He’s pretty good at starting things, but very bad at finishing them off!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. 


Take a Flying Leap

Sparky Takes a Leap 1

Sparky takes a flying leap and pulls a fast one in a disappearing act.

Haiku 120

Sparky takes a leap

It’s poetry in motion

Or maybe not quite!


Sparky Takes a Leap 2

The above photo shows Sparky as he prepared himself before he took the plunge!

A moment before he had been sitting on top of the stone frog. It’s a pity I didn’t have my camera handy then!



Take a flying leap: Tell someone who is annoying to go away

Pull a fast one: To successfully deceive someone

Do a disappearing act: To go away or be impossible to find when needed

Poetry in motion: Moving gracefully or beautifully

Take the plunge: Decide to do something you are nervous about


Isn’t the English language marvellous?


I Just Want to Find the Dead Body!

Comfort Flowers 1

Haiku 117

Scuttlings in the night

An unwelcome visitor

Scare me half to death



I just want to find the dead body!

Yes, I said these very words the other day. Taken out of context, they might seem a little strange!

This is the story.

I was fast asleep one night when I heard the deep drone of a heavy flying insect; the kind that are too big to fly, but do so anyway. It flew right past my ear at 12.30 am; crash landed in some boxes in the corner of the room and proceeded to dig its way inside.

This totally freaked me out!

Now no-one else hears these tiny noises when fast asleep in the middle of the night. But I do. I think it is compensation for not seeing too well, though I could do without this “gift”.

I know, without seeing it, that it is a giant cockroach. Shudder!! Even typing the word creeps me out! How did it get in the house? It must have crawled or flown in through the bathroom window before I closed it for the night.

These bugs are massive, easily 4 cm. It is an American cockroach, which, despite the name, is native to Africa and the Middle East. If you are very brave, you can click on the link here and be scared half to death along with me!

So here I am: The Last of the Great Hunters; bug hunting in boxes.

I have sprayed everywhere till the floor is sopping wet (maybe I can drown it!) and the fumes are suffocating.

Take That!

And Die Already!!!


post script: To date I still haven’t found the dead body, but I can no longer hear the scuttlings. I am hoping for the best!

Due to the nature of this post the accompanying photo is not of the bug, but a gratuitous one of pretty flowers. You’re welcome!