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Sunday Musings #138

Don’t give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.

– Unknown

The perfect quote for a Sunday!

Have a lovely dreamy day.



Dawn Over Suburbia

Dawn Moonrise 1

The upside of a clear morning sky is that you get to see the moon rise.

The downside is that, because there are virtually no clouds, it is freezing! (Winter here in Cape Town.)

A short while later I walked Little Monkey, with my gloved hands in my pockets and my breath billowing out in front of me. LM, old dog that she is, stopped to sniff every – single – scent, while I froze!

Dawn Moonrise 2

And if you’re very careful, you can catch a falling star – or moon! – on the telephone wire!


Dew Dream

Dew 1


Dew Dream

If you look quickly

Right down on the ground

You might catch a glimpse

Where fairies abound


Dew 2

See that slight flicker

Corner of your eye

A glint of red-gold

Just before they fly


Dew 3

Oh no you’re too late

They’re gone in a flash

And all that is left

Is you and the grass!


Dew 4

It was lovely to see these sparkling diamonds all over my lawn after some good rains.

In real life there were all sorts of colours; orange, blue and purple. However, when this was processed through my camera, they mostly turned to white sparkles.

So, it is impossible to capture fairies – even in a photo!


post script: For those of you who cannot make the last verse rhyme, I have a northern English accent with the short ‘a’ for grass, not graaaass. 


High Above Me

Crow 1

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?

It’s SuperCrow!

I heard one crow cawing high above me as I was bringing in the washing one afternoon. I craned my neck back and saw it circling round and round.

Crow 2

It was soon joined by another crow and then another. I dashed inside for my trusty Canon and leaning right back took a few photos of what looked to me like clear blue skies. I knew the crows were circling away up there because I could still hear them cawing now and then, but they were far away and very hard to see.

Crow 3

However, I did manage to catch all five of them in one shot in the end.

They are Pied Crows, quite large birds around 50 cm in length.

Crow 4

Then after all their aerial manoeuvres they flew off into the deep blue sky. I bet all you can see in the photo above is just that! I assure you there are some birds there.


post script: The collective noun for a flock of crows is a Murder or Horde of crows.

And because you are probably thinking of it, here is a link to the song by Tal Bachman, She’s so High.


Sunday Musings #136

I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you.

– Unknown

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself trying to explain something so very basic and obvious, to someone who just doesn’t get it.

I wish I could remember this pithy remark for times like that!

But to be honest, I’d be too kind to use it!


Not an Elephant! aka Toadstools

Toadstool 1

Today I present many toadstool photos, none of which are elephants in tall elephant grass!

Toadstool 2

This was my “elephant” from above; clearly looking nothing like one!

Toadstool 3

And here is the photo I tried to trick you with in my post Elephant Grass recently. Sadly for me, most of you knew exactly what it was, despite my spending ages adjusting the photo to look more elephant-like! (The photo on the left is unaltered; on the right is blurred, darkened and colour adjusted.)

Toadstool 4

Normally I don’t like to see toadstools all over the lawn as I worry a bit about fungal spores. I am supposedly allergic to them.

Toadstool 5

But this time I welcomed each and every one of the little fungi.

Toadstool 6

Their very presence here indicates that we have had some good rains lately.

Toadstool 7