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Ladybird on Honeysuckle 1

Haiku 170

Playing hide and seek

Now you see me, now you don’t

Funny Ladybird


Ladybird on Honeysuckle 2

I spotted these spots on my honeysuckle: a black and yellow Ladybird! I rushed to get my camera to take a few photos.

Every time I got close, the little Ladybird scuttled underneath the leaves and hid.

Ladybird on Honeysuckle 3

It was such a shy introvert that it took me a while to realise there were actually two Ladybirds on the honeysuckle, playing hide and seek!

As the beetle scurried away, I got a really good close up – of a foot! Don’t leave your glass slipper behind, like Cinderella!

Ladybird on Honeysuckle 4

I am always very happy to see Ladybirds on my plants. May they dine out heartily on all the aphids!




Baboon Spider 1

You know you’re a Blogger when, on seeing a Baboon Spider on the kitchen wall, you stop your husband from putting it outside until you’ve grabbed your camera and taken a photo of it for your Blog!

Baboon Spider 2

I got my husband to hold a ruler near it so you can see the size. Note: This is a small one!

He couldn’t hold the ruler any closer or it would have run away. Also, out of deference to my more arachnid-challenged readers, I have made my photos small. Hopefully you do not spill your coffee this morning when you open my post!


Baboon Spiders are harmless to us – unless of course you have a heart attack on seeing one! As I said, this one is a small guy and yes he most likely is a guy, as the females tend to stay in their nests while the guys roam around looking for mates. They normally live outside in my vines (not the grape vines – the other ones) where the female can build a large egg sac of folded over leaves, wound round and sealed with silken thread, keeping her babies safe inside.

Still, they do give me a bit of a fright when I come across one when trimming the vines. They are just so big!

Even so, I have seen a wasp kill one and drag the heavy body up the side of the house to stuff it in a crack in between the bricks, where it will lay an egg on it. The wasp was pretty big too and had those dangly stingers which really hurt if they just touch you.

OK my post is over; you can open your eyes now!