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Jasmine 1

Back-lit white lady

Jasmine 2

Pretty little star

Jasmine 3

Your Heavenly scent

Jasmine 4

Is the best by far



Star Light

Jasmine Star 1

Jasmine Star 1

Star light star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish . . .


I love the scent of this little jasmine bush that my daughter planted.

Of course, trying to take a close up with a point and click camera presents difficulties at times. The poor camera does not know what you are trying to focus on, so you sometimes get shots like the following.

Jasmine Star 2

Jasmine Star 2

Still, a little ingenuity on my part and I usually manage to snap what I want.

Below are two photos, which demonstrate the vagaries of my camera.

Jasmine Photo A

Jasmine Photo A

Jasmine Photo B

Jasmine Photo B

There’s not much to choose between them, except A is more gold and B more white. All I did was move a fraction to the right, and the light had changed enough for the camera to make these differences.

Myself, I prefer Photo A. I think it just feels warmer with the gold. I am surprised at this, because I prefer silver to gold in jewellery!

So, which do you prefer? Photo A or Photo B? You can say in the comments below and I’ll post the tally tomorrow.