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Keeping Warm

Knitted Blankets

Haiku 141

A knitting pastime

Clickety clack of needles

Et Voila! Blankets!



I’ve always liked to knit; usually while I’m doing something else. As a kid, I’d knit and read a book, while listening to music and rocking in my Mum’s rocking chair!

Nowadays I tend to knit in the evenings if I’m watching a movie. I just knit squares, so I don’t have to kook at my work. If the movie is exciting I’ll look down and see I’ve knitted way beyond my square and now have a rectangle!

I sew up the squares into small blankets, that can be draped over your knees or shoulders; or used as a baby blanket or an extra layer on your bed. They are surprisingly light and very warm.

Last winter I had knitted many squares, but had not sewn them up. So at the beginning of this winter I got out all the squares to make them up into blankets. I was amazed at the sheer number: I must have watched some good movies!

The photo shows the finished blankets that I took to the charity shop. They can either sell them for funds for the animal rescue organisation that Little Monkey came from, or give them away to those in need.

I’ve stocked up on more wool from the local shop. The colours are very bright, so it looks like the next lot of blankets will be neon!


A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time

I have knitted since I was a young kid. When I was eight years old I knitted a jersey for myself – in 10 days. Yes, I know I was small, but my Mum kept making me knit it bigger. I was one of 5 kids, so I guess she wanted the clothes to last. That jersey still fit me when I was 11 years old; and I had grown a lot in those three years!

Nowadays, I like to knit these squares, with thick wool on large needles. I don’t have to look at what I’m doing, and I don’t have to think about it either. I usually listen to music or watch something. (When it is an exciting movie, I look down and find I have knitted a long rectangle instead of a square!) I normally only knit in winter, but somehow I just kept going last summer; so I ended up with all this.

Knitted Squares

Knitted Squares

I sew the squares up into small blankets to be used as a baby blanket, knee rug, or shoulder throw. I give them to a charity or take them to a local animal rescue shop to sell for funds for their organisation. This winter I have taken two already, and have three more here sewn up, and squares for at least two more blankets.

So a stitch in time makes a lot of blankets!