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Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lavender 1

Haiku 77

Lucky Lavender

Cast your spell as I walk by

Lingering perfume



I bought a new lavender bush, since my old one suddenly died. This one seems to be a different variety; chunky and not as refined. Hopefully its ruggedness will help it do better.

Lucky Lavender 2


post script: I have written a few posts on lavender and hesitated to do another, but I liked the photo I’d managed to capture in the sunlight, so thought, “Why not?” The little haiku came after, but I’m quite chuffed with it. I doubt anyone will notice, except perhaps Scooj, who counts the syllables! 

Also, I’d chosen the title Lucky Lavender and then realised this is my 77th haiku. 7 is my lucky number. Serendipitous or what?


Back Lit

Back Lit 1 GALAXY

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising . . .

I grabbed all my cameras and photographed my daughter’s lavender bush as it basked in those first warming rays.

Back Lit 2 CANON

I clicked away using variously; my Galaxy camera phone, my decent Nikon camera and my little point and click Canon.

Below, my Galaxy camera phone really captures the effect of the sun’s rays slanting towards the lavender bush.

Back Lit 3 GALAXY

As expected, my Nikon camera (with no zoom lens) achieves the best close up of the lavender, with a lovely bokeh.

Back Lit 4 NIKON

I really liked how my little point and click Canon camera catches the sunlight, so that the lavender bush appears lit from within.

Back Lit 5 CANON

I found it interesting that each device offers a different aspect of the sunlit challenge. Though the results differ I think each has its own merit. They all found something unique to highlight in apparently the same shot.

Bearing in mind I have no filters; (and, indeed, little skill!) I was quite pleased with the varied results.

And that so far I have managed not to kill this lovey bush!


Lavender Watercolour

Lavender 1

Lavender 1

Delicate purple flowers just starting to peep out.

Lavender 2

Lavender 2

This close up photo of my daughter’s lavender beginning to bloom, seemed very like a water colour painting to me.

Lavender 3

Lavender 3

I had to adjust the focus on my Nikon manually, because it kept taking the shot out of focus automatically, despite my lining up the green rectangle focusing thingy with the part of the lavender I wanted in close up; i.e. the flower!

And I must apologise for the use of technical terms here!


Lavender’s Blue

Lavender's Blue

Lavender’s Blue


Lavender’s blue, dilly, dilly

Lavender’s green

When you are king, dilly, dilly

I shall be queen


Lavender's Green

Lavender’s Green

I remember singing this as a kid. Did you? For the real lyrics, see Lavender’s blue.

Dilly Dilly

Dilly Dilly

And to listen to a pleasant rendition of the old nursery rhyme, try here, Cinderella.


post script: Two days to go to the Exciting Event! Stay Tuned.