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The Return of Miss Lily

Surprise Lily 1

This one always catches me by surprise: every year. Aptly named the Surprise Lily!

Her real name is Nerine Bowdenii.

I don’t normally go through the side gate, but I wanted to fetch the big wheelie bin so I could put in the tree prunings I’d done the other day and rake up under the back yard trees before our bin collection. So I wasn’t having a very great time; work you know; gardening in the heat!

Surprise Lily 2

This made the sudden appearance of my little Lily even more enjoyable.

You may be wondering what is so unusual about spring flowers bursting forth at this time of year. But this is Cape Town and we’re heading into winter.

She also seems bigger than last year, which is really good news considering our continuing drought after the third year of low winter rain falls.

Surprise Lily 3

In my previous Lily posts, there was one stalk only in April 2016 Nikon-ography #8 and two stalks in February 2017 Look who’s back. This year, March 2018, there are five stalks.

This is why I love Nature so much! If we leave things be, often they will flourish.