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Furry Green Balls

Loquat 1

Haiku 143

Small furry green balls

Sprouting like an alien

Weird and wonderful


Loquat 2

The funny looking loquat, Eriobotrya japonica, starts to blossom in April, just before our winter sets in.

Loquat 3

My poor old tree is very old and has lost quite a few branches, yet still soldiers on.

Loquat 4

Always the first to start growing, long before spring, the white flowers soon turn to tiny brown lumps and then to furry green balls.

Loquat 5

Sparky the squirrel loves this fruit, when it is ripe and peach-coloured. He has a few weeks to wait yet.

Loquat 6

I will see him most mornings running his little route across the tops of fences and along branches.

Loquat 7

Selecting his chosen loquat, he then returns carrying it in his mouth and sits in a suitable spot to eat it.




Loquats 1

Loquats 1

Backlit by bright sunlight, these funny looking green apricot things are, in fact, loquats.

Loquats 2

Loquats 2

These are what Sparky the squirrel was checking out the other week.

Loquats 3

Loquats 3

Sorry, Sparky, these are still not quite ripe enough to eat just yet. They will be orange when ready.

Loquats 4

Loquats 4

In the first photo, I like how the sunlight outlined the fruit, as I took the shot by craning my neck backwards while looking straight up into the tree.


post script: Do you remember my Mystery Post from May? You can see what the loquats looked like back then; weird looking brown things with white blossom!