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And – Action!

Cape Robin 1

Haiku 234

Lights and Camera

Robbie leapt into action

Complete the Mission!


Cape Robin 2


“We need to see your face so the audience knows you’re performing your own stunts!” the Director shouted. Try Again!

Cape Robin 3

Robbie hung his head despondently. His audition for Mission Impossible 7 wasn’t going too well!


Creature From The Black Lagoon

Creature – LM 1

Happy Halloween!

Creature – LM 2

From Little Monkey and Scifi.


post script: Creature from the Black Lagoon made in 1954, is a classic horror movie.


Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Now that’s what I call civilised!

An old friend phoned me out of the blue yesterday. I’ve only seen her once this year, so I dropped everything (who wants to do chores anyway!!) and met her for tea at a wine farm.

We all need time out now and then.

post script: The answer to yesterday’s pop quiz: slower than molasses in winter – This is a quote from the movie “The Warrior’s Way” 2010, starring Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth and Geoffrey Rush. Little by little I shall educate my followers in movie trivia!

Lens Flare

Mr SL Fluoresces

Mr SL Fluoresces

Never had a white dog before. Probably won’t again.

Old Mr Spaghetti Legs* loves to stand or lie in the bright low-angled winter sunshine, reflecting glare straight through my eyes into the back of my brain.

It is like watching the latest Star Trek movies! lens flare

*He loves me so much that he is always in my line of sight.