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Love is . . .

Old Mr SL sleeps!

Old Mr SL sleeps!

 – On the Inside! 

Old Mr Spaghetti Legs doesn’t look so hot when asleep! But I love him to bits anyway, and I think the feeling is mutual – certainly when I have a treat in my hand!

I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day and consider it a commercial money-making racket. If you love someone you don’t need to spend extortionate amounts of money on one particular day to prove it!  And there are many very eloquent posts out there in WP land if you want to read more.

However, why not listen to a rather different Valentine’s Day song –

Valentine’s Day by David Bowie

David and me – ageing gracefully together! (ahem)


Musical Beds

Snoozing - LM

Snoozing – LM

My crazy dogs play musical beds at night.

I came into the kitchen at 3 am this morning, to find Mr Spaghetti Leg’s two mattresses strewn separately on the floor by the door – but no dog sleeping on them. I looked over to Little Monkey’s bed and there she was, curled up into a tiny ball, lying on the crumpled up bottom mattress right by the fridge.

And next to her, so close that their bums touched, was Mr SL on the top mattress!

This is what they do – and they have the whole kitchen to sleep in!


Mr Spaghetti Legs is All Tied Up

Mr Spaghetti Legs

Mr Spaghetti Legs

When I walk Little Monkey and Mr Spaghetti Legs, I like to let them off the lead for a bit if I can. So we go to the local soccer field and common, where I can let them loose. There is a large area of fynbos and massive fir trees that we can walk through in the shade on a hot summer’s day.

As it has been particularly hot of late, and Mr SL is very old, this time we just walked to the field, where I did my usual sit/stay and let them off the lead. Then I ambled through to the children’s park, where I can sit on a bench while the dogs sniff around for a while.

LM is usually trotting around all over the place, looking for squirrels, but SL tends to find an interesting scent and stay there for ages sniffing away. So I wasn’t that bothered when I noticed he was still at the field by the time LM and I had entered the park.

However, he was rather a long way behind, so I called him and clapped my hands, as he is quite deaf. Nothing. I walked back towards him, calling and clapping some more. Now he did look up, but still did not walk towards me. This was unusual.

I walked closer and closer and still he did not move. Finally I reached him, and only then could I see that he had got his dew claw caught in the D ring on his collar!

This explained why his head was low, and he wasn’t coming when called! He did have his foot on the ground though, and wasn’t in pain, but just couldn’t get out of his predicament by himself.

I freed him, and he continued happily on our slow meander to the park bench.

It was much worse in the early days, when I’d just got him, as you can read in Mr Spaghetti Legs has a bad day.





Monochrome #2

Did you celebrate New Year’s with fireworks? It’s really difficult capturing fireworks at night. This was the best I could do with my limited skills, but I think you can see the trails of light as the embers fall?

Or can you?



Wait a minute?

And Curiouser

And Curiouser

I know those spots!



Yep! It’s Mr Spaghetti Legs; lying in the sunshine, drying out after his bath!

Fireworks are banned to the general public in South Africa, thankfully for all the animals out there. But there are public displays in town.

This is my second offering for Ady’s monochrome series, and presented itself, naturally, as monochrome with a sepia tint.

So how soon did you guess it was Mr SL?

Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year, and All the Best for 2015.

You Know It’s Hot When . . .

Too Hot!

Too Hot!

 – Both dogs choose to dig themselves a hollow and lie outside under the shade of the trees. This is unusual because Mr Spaghetti Legs always prefers to be inside.

Dogs will scrape away the surface of the hot ground (soil/pristine lawn, they care not which) to reach the cooler soil underneath. They then stretch out in their hollow and sleep away the sweltering day.

The past master at this was my old dog Madam. Every day she went to her sleeping hollow and scraped away the top layer of hot soil. After a while, the shallow hollow became a deep pit. Still she continued to scoop out the top layer and then fall into her pit.

Madam - a rescue dog

Madam – a rescue dog

She would lie down there, with her front legs up at right angles and her little paws grasping the edge of the pit.

Scifi: Surely you can’t be comfortable like that, Madam?

Madam: Beddy!


What Am I?

What Am I?

What Am I?

Hmmm, Interesting! A hair brush?

Any Clue?

Any Clue?

Getting warmer yet?

Warmer Yet?

Getting Closer?

Warmer still?

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

There you go – complete with little Mr Spaghetti Legs, who just happened to be sauntering by when I took the photo. The tree does not usually have these large yellow brushes on it; just once a year in Spring.

What is it? Well, I call it a Silver Oak, though I have been assured by someone that it is not! However, according to google, I’m right! It is an Australian Silver Oak, also known as a Southern Silky Oak, scientific name, Grevillea Robusta.


post script: The answer to Wednesday’s movie trivia:- 

“Ding Dong! The bells are gonna chime” is from the song “Get me to the church on time”, composed by Frederick Loewe, with lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Performed by Stanley Holloway, playing Alfred P. Doolittle, a dustman, and Eliza Doolittle’s father, in the musical “My Fair Lady” 1956.

Thank you to all who participated. Mistermuse gave the most complete answer, while Quiall and Ladysighs also knew the song and movie. Points all round!


Be Alert!

Mr SL is all ears

Mr SL is all ears

The country needs Lerts!

Mr Spaghetti Legs is all ears!

post script: You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a plant blog of late! Spring has sprung and there is so much blossoming in the garden right now that I have been side-tracked trying to capture it all. Mr Spaghetti Legs decided to put in an appearance on Mad Cap Dog, just to remind me of my blog title.

Old Bog Eyes – The Before and After

After - SL

After – SL

This is the After photo of Mr Spaghetti Legs; looking pretty trim, relaxed and trusting.  He has been with us for nearly a year now.

Before - SL

Before – SL

This is the Before photo of Mr SL. He had been with us only a few hours. While he does look very happy, he is also over-excited, with little Bog-Eyes.

This is something we learned to recognise, whenever he was overwhelmed. Occasionally, when something new occurs, I will still find this little face by my knee.

Old Bog-Eyes!


Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers

No idea what these lovely flowers are called – apart from “weed”! I found them growing by the pavement on our way to the field.

Wild Flower 2

Wild Flower 2

They have not been planted and are not there for humans to admire. It is Spring, and they just grow because they do; as nature intended.

LM and SL

LM and SL

Little Monkey and Mr Spaghetti Legs obliged with a photo, so you can see the size of these little wayside flowers. Although my dogs are happy to get any attention (photo taken) they really just wanted to get on with their walk!

What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

What's the Time Mr Wolf? - LM and SL

What’s the Time Mr Wolf? – LM and SL

A long long time ago, in a land far far away, when dinosaurs frolicked in the meadows and unicorns gave rides to fairies, I was a kid.

And as a kid I played a game called “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

The kid who is “the wolf” turns his face to the wall or garage door, and all the other kids stand behind a “line” say fifteen metres away. The kids start stepping slowly towards the wolf, chanting as they go, “What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

The wolf whips round and shouts “One o’clock!” and all the kids must freeze. If you are caught moving, then you become the wolf. No-one is moving? Then the wolf turns his back and the kids advance some more.

“What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

“Two o’clock!” Freeze, giggle. “Three o’clock!” etc

This proceeds until the kids have nearly reached the wolf. If one of the kids manages to touch the wolf while his back is turned then the kids win, and the wolf stays “on” being the wolf. A trick is sometimes to run full speed at the wolf and try to catch him unawares, but often this back-fires and you get caught moving. Besides, it is much more fun to creep slowly towards the wolf!

When a kid has nearly reached the wolf and they chant again, “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” the wolf spins round and shouts, “Dinner time!” Then the wolf chases all the kids back towards the line. If the wolf catches a kid before he has reached the line, then that kid is now the wolf.

This provided lots of fun as a kid!

So, why do I bring it up now? Well, Mr Spaghetti Legs plays this game with me every time we get back from our walk.

He and Little Monkey have to sit on the driveway (it is safe, the automatic gate is closed) and they have to Stay! I walk away and through the little side gate, then I call them.

LM does this exercise easily; thousands of days of training, and it is a game to her, because when I call her she flies past me into the garden to check if there are any squirrels or cats hiding in the corner tree.

Mr SL however, just wants to follow me and he wants his supper, so it is very hard for him to stay.

This is what happens. Stay – they stay – I turn round and start to walk, then like Mr Wolf, I suddenly turn round, to see – LM staying, but Mr SL has crept forward a step. He freezes when I turn round – as the game demands – and blinks his little eyes, and looks away, saying, “I wasn’t really following you, Mum.”

Stay again and if he has crept too far, take him back to square one. Turn round, walk away, turn back – Mr SL freeze – and so on.

It is hilarious! But he is getting much better at staying.

Why do I bother you ask? It is all part of discipline and respect. There may be a time when it saves a dog’s life, when your dog has got out, and is about to run across the road to you, and you bellow STAY! and it does stay, because it is programmed to.

It saved Sparky the squirrel once, but that is tomorrow’s story!