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Thar She Blows!

Windswept Trees 1


Haiku 99

Buffeted by gales

No standing tall and straight here

Thar she blows again!



I wonder in which direction the prevailing wind blows?

The last time I passed by here, there were several trees that had leaned so far over they were growing along the ground. These seem to have been removed. And it looks like some of the overhanging branches of the remaining trees have been shored up with supporting poles.

Windswept Trees 2

As always there are mountains in the background. This area at Zandvlei, Muizenberg, is a park where families can relax by the river and have a braai.

Windswept Trees 3

Still, I love these weird-looking trees that manage to survive even though they live right by the sea and are bombarded by the brunt of the storms that hit our coastline in winter.


Thar she blows is what the lookout on a whaling ship would shout when he spotted a whale surfacing and blowing air out of its blowhole. 


A Breath of Fresh Air

Seaside 1

Haiku 97

Sitting on the beach

Strong breeze blows your cares away

Just sea, sand and sky


Seaside 2

Distant mountains.

Seaside 3

I’ll be very impressed if anyone spotted the cormorant in the photo above, taking off from the sea where it had been fishing.

Seaside 4 – Cormorant

Where was it?

Seaside 5 – Cormorant

I have left a lot of sky in the photos, so you can enjoy the deep blue; and sand, so you can imagine walking along the beach.


Sea Mist

Sea 1 Muizenberg

Haiku 86

See through the sea mist

Distant mountains all around

Vast open ocean


This is a coastal view of Muizenburg from part way up the mountain on Boyes Drive.

Sea 2

The sky looks cloudy in the distance, but this is not fog. It was a hot windy day and what you see is a heat haze.

Sea 3

The wind whipped up the sea, producing white horses.

Sea 4

This is the view from the parking lot at Kalk Bay. The train runs right along the coast towards Simonstown. Today the sea looked green, but usually it is as blue as the sky.



Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg Beach

While those of you in the Northern hemisphere pull on another winter woolly, shovel snow and dream of summer sunshine, those of us here in the Southern hemisphere, in the Other Down Under in South Africa, take to the beaches for a little relief from the relentless heat. There is usually a strong off-shore breeze to cool you down, and of course you could always swim; though the water is icy cold.

What I like about here are the restful views of distant horizons, the long white beaches to walk on and the crashing waves on the rocks as the tide turns.