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I Am 500

Take 500 seconds out of your day and listen to this heavenly music.


Well I made it to 500 posts.

Thank you to all my supporters; everyone who has followed, liked and commented on my blog.

The WordPress community is awesome!


post script: This version of Ave Maria is written by Michal Lorenc and sung by Olga Szyrowa. I really love it. 

post post script: For the one person who is counting, yes, the clip is only 456 seconds long, but I figure you’ll take 44 seconds to read my post!


I Am 400



You probably know by now that I like to have a little fun when I reach my centenaries. (Check out I am 100, 200 and 300.)

I’ve made it to 400 posts. Pretty good hey? So lend an ear and listen to my take on this.


115 BOB DYLAN’S 115th DREAM Bob Dylan


80 DANCE ANTHEM OF THE 80’s – Regina Spektor

76 TROMBONES from the Music Man

17 Avril Lavigne

7 SECONDS Youssou N’Dour

5 YEARS David Bowie

1 THE ONE Elton John



Click on the blue text to hear the song.

Thanks to all of you who have stayed with me, all who have popped by and any new ones joining the pack. Without you guys I am just singing alone in the kitchen, watched by my bemused dogs!


Groove to the Hoove

Little Monkey and hoof

Little Monkey and hoof

Mr SL and hoof 2

Mr SL and hoof 2

Yesterday I posted some photos of my dogs eating hooves. Butterflysand wrote a little rhyming poem, and along with MidWesternPlantGirl, we challenged Ladysighs to sing it for us.

For some reason she did not want to publish a song about dogs and stinky hooves on her own blog! But you can hear her sing it below.  (I hope – I am computer challenged!)


And here is Quiall’s original poem –

It behooves me to say,

about hooves here this day,

all it proves to us all,

is your moves must forestall,

cuz the grooves that they play,

with the hooves here today,

will tomorrow improve,

that’s all I can say!



And Ladysighs’ song –

It behooves me to say
About hooves here this day
And what it proves to us all

Your dogs with hooves play
For a tasty buffet
Their chews do not forestall

Hooves Hooves Sweet Hooves
Of them everyone approves
Give Monkey a treat
Hooves cannot be beat
Her breath it will improve


Thank you for the entertainment ladies.

Those Peepers!

Those Peepers - Anonymous Model

Those Peepers – Anonymous Model

It is always fun trying on new frames when you need new glasses.

Jeepers, Creepers! Where’d ya get those Peepers?

This was a popular jazz song, written in 1938, with lyrics by Johnny Mercer and music by Harry Warren.

I like this Ethel Waters recording Jeepers Creepers


I am Not a Fitness Fanatic!

grey squirrel - little friend

grey squirrel – little friend

So there I am, peddling away on the exercise bike, in an attempt simply to maintain my weight – Double Apple Gene – remember?

No amount of happy, upbeat music can detract from the sheer boredom of the exercise – (pun intended!)

But Lo! What light through yonder window breaks? It is a little Cape Robin! It flits around the dogs’ water bowls on the stoep, then perches up on the grape vine, where it fluffs out its feathers, for a moment providing me with a welcome respite.

The robin has no sooner flown away, than a little grey squirrel appears, fidgeting around the lawn, looking for buried treasures, twitching its tail like it is dancing to its own music.

And before you know it, exercise time is up! Cappuccino – here I come!

I’d like to thank my little friends for helping me through my ordeal.

The Music of the Night




A brief break in storm rains

Creep outside, muffled to the eyebrows

Breath billowing ice-clouds before you

No moonshine filtering through heavy clouds

Pitch black

Senses change from sight to sound

To scent for Mr SL

Sniffing, shuffling, old boy

Round a corner, rain falls anew

Icy, spiky, pin pricks on your face and hands

Then you hear the music of the night

Peeps of frogs behind garden walls

How do they survive in this man-made land?

Somehow a little spark of nature

Seeks to reclaim our invasion

And the night no longer seems so cold.