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The Music of the Night




A brief break in storm rains

Creep outside, muffled to the eyebrows

Breath billowing ice-clouds before you

No moonshine filtering through heavy clouds

Pitch black

Senses change from sight to sound

To scent for Mr SL

Sniffing, shuffling, old boy

Round a corner, rain falls anew

Icy, spiky, pin pricks on your face and hands

Then you hear the music of the night

Peeps of frogs behind garden walls

How do they survive in this man-made land?

Somehow a little spark of nature

Seeks to reclaim our invasion

And the night no longer seems so cold.

Miss Tinkerbell is down to Eight

I always let my dogs out in the garden at night, before putting them to bed. Every dog I’ve had would quickly relieve themselves and come back in again.

When I first got Little Monkey, I assumed she was doing the same thing; only to find large puddles on the kitchen floor in the morning. As she was such a young dog (only eighteen months) I was rather surprised that she would have a bladder problem, but had her urine checked anyway. It was fine, which meant maybe she had a physical problem, so she was put on oestrogen tablets. This made no difference at all.

I finally realised, that she had no problem what-so-ever. When I let her out to go to the loo, apparently she thought it was a great game, and ran around playing the whole time, till I called her in again; totally missing the point.

One night, I had just let her out, when she made a dash for the bushes. Next thing, she was chasing something along the wall, right on its tail. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. The scene played out before me in audio only; pattering of paws, crashing through undergrowth.

And I heard the rapid tinkling of the cat bell, as Miss Tinkerbell barely made it to the corner and over the wall to safety. She definitely lost one of her nine lives that night!