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Picture Perfect

Photo Frames 1

Dog Photo Frames 1

My Babies!

For Christmas one year, my daughter DD bought me several small gold heart frames and found and printed out mini photos of my dogs. At the time I had Madam, TJ and Little Monkey, but she also added the previous dogs Lady and Jack to make a complete set.

They sit on my dressing table in the bedroom so I can look at them daily.

Then we adopted Mr Spaghetti Legs, and DD searched high and low for another mini gold heart frame, but to no avail. Then one day I came across a bling diamond heart frame and thought that would be perfect for Lady, the first, and SL could have her frame.

Since the original photos had faded over time (I don’t know why; they are never in the sun) I found and printed out new photos of all the dogs. The above photo is the finished effort and below are the original photos.

Dog Photo Frames 2

Dog Photo Frames 2

You don’t know who is who? You can see a gallery of all my dogs here What Empty Nest?


Since the rescue dogs I adopt are usually at least 6 years old, and in SL’s case nearly 12 years old, they are not with me for very long. It’s lovely to keep a visual memento of them, as well as the one carved in my heart.