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Vodka Day

Vodka Day LM 1

One for the road?

Looks to me like Little Monkey has had one too many already!

Vodka Day LM 2

I can’t believe I missed National Vodka Day this year (it was the 4th). I had a lot going on, but still that’s no excuse.

Vodka Day LM 3

And I must praise Little Monkey here. Sometimes I think I take her good behaviour for granted. She was snoozing on her mat, so I thought it was a good opportunity to snap a Vodka shot. However, as I arranged the bottles and glass near her, she raised herself up on her front legs to see what was going on.

I gently pushed her back down, but as I stepped back to take a shot, she half sat up. I settled her down again and got my photo. Then I trotted into the kitchen with her to give her a treat.

It was only afterwards that I thought, “Hey, she did all that for me, with no treats. Pretty good for a Mutt!”




Sparky’s Adventures in Suburbia

Sparky 1


So there I was minding my own business pottering around my lawn, when suddenly I noticed the Lady of the House looking at me.

Sparky 2


Maybe I should go? But I don’t see the wolf.

Sparky 3


Yep, she’s still looking, pointing that silver thing right at me.

Sparky 4


I’m outta here!


I spotted little Sparky the squirrel on my lawn the other day, and he spotted me too. It was fun to watch his little brain working, while he decided what to do.

Sparky 5

This is how far away he was (on zoom) and why some photos are a little blurred.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Cape Daisies 1

Wildflowers are springing up over all the wastelands.

Cape Daisies 2

Good winter rains (Hooray!) and now long sunny days are perfect conditions for everything to flourish.

Cape Daisies 3 and LM

These are Cape Daisiesarctotheca calendula, modelled by Little Monkey this very morning.


Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lavender 1

Haiku 77

Lucky Lavender

Cast your spell as I walk by

Lingering perfume



I bought a new lavender bush, since my old one suddenly died. This one seems to be a different variety; chunky and not as refined. Hopefully its ruggedness will help it do better.

Lucky Lavender 2


post script: I have written a few posts on lavender and hesitated to do another, but I liked the photo I’d managed to capture in the sunlight, so thought, “Why not?” The little haiku came after, but I’m quite chuffed with it. I doubt anyone will notice, except perhaps Scooj, who counts the syllables! 

Also, I’d chosen the title Lucky Lavender and then realised this is my 77th haiku. 7 is my lucky number. Serendipitous or what?


Sunlit Composition

Loquat 1

I noticed a squirrel scrambling around behind the apple tree and then running off along the fence. I guessed he had been to check if the loquats were ripe yet.

When I went to look I was surprised to see that several of the fruit were already a lovely yellow-gold.

I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. When I take a photo I am very aware of the background, which can add to the effect. Afterwards I look through my photos to see if I’ve got any that I like, or that have the effect I was trying to achieve.

This photo was taken with the camera held above my head and into the sun, so it was a bit of a hit-or-miss.

What I like about it is the glint of the sun on the fruit, showing up the fuzzy skin; the one clear leaf, with a browning edge, hanging down in the middle of the frame; and also the ‘bokeh’ in the top right hand corner that is little dots of light.

I don’t think of myself as a photographer; my camera does most of the work! But I know what I like and often spend a long time editing photos to my preferences.

Below is what the photo was like before I cropped it.

Loquat 2

Of course, there will be some of you who prefer the un-cropped version and some who would have cropped it differently.

That’s fine. It is our differences that make life more interesting.