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Hang In There

Lavender 1

Haiku 157

Hang in there my friend

Though you bow in weariness

You are not alone


Lavender 2

This is my third lavender bush over many years. They all up and die on me at some point. Though this is only a year old, I think that Sparky the squirrel has been digging around in the roots, burying nuts!

When I saw that all the green had gone, and my lavender plant looked shrivelled up and dead, I trimmed it back a little and added more potting soil.

After a short time I noticed new green growth. It looks like it may survive after all!


Monkey Do!

Common Squirrel Monkey 1

Haiku 156

Intelligent eyes

Tiny little finger nails

What are you thinking?


Common Squirrel Monkey 2

This little chap is a Common squirrel monkey  found at the World of Birds wildlife sanctuary in Hout Bay, Cape Town. He is different to the ones I usually show, which are Black-capped squirrel monkeys.

Either way, they are all full of mischief and very cute.


A Rose Garden

Rose Garden 1

Haiku 155

A burst of colour

Nestled before the mountains

Sweet scented roses


Rose Garden 2

It is a lovely time of year here in Cape Town. The roses in this rose garden are bursting into new life. Every other plant in the Cape is blooming away too, helped by some recent good rainfalls. Hooray!


Blue Friday

Blue Plumbago 1

Haiku 154

True blue plumbago

A rare natural colour

Chase the blues away


Blue Plumbago 2

While trimming my large chaotic plumbago plant, this small bloom was left on the grass. I love the colour and it was far too pretty to throw in the bin, so I rescued it.

Blue Plumbago 3

Placed in my favourite small vase, I can now enjoy it!



Meerkat 1

Haiku 153

What better way to

Scratch an itchy back than by

Rolling in the sand


Meerkat 2

Meerkats are always fun to watch. This little gal was having a great time rolling on her back in the sandy ground, at the World of Birds wildlife sanctuary, Hout Bay, Cape Town.


Writing this post made me think of the song, so here is Creedence Clearwater Revival singing Proud Mary, or as I know it – Rolling on the river .


Blue Horizons

Muizenberg beach 1

Haiku 152

Distant mountain peaks

Ocean and sky reflecting

Those blue horizons


Muizenberg beach 2

Take a walk with me along the coast at Muizenberg, Cape Town.

On a windy day white horses were playing in the ocean, along with surfers enjoying the waves.

Muizenberg beach 3

What at first I thought were normal kites, on closer inspection turned out to be some sort of wind device used by the surfers. They were kitesurfing!

Muizenberg beach 4

And the sea and the sky were Oh So Blue.