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Two Turtle Doves

Two Turtle Doves 1

Haiku 207

Two turtle doves and

A squirrel in a pear tree

It looks like Christmas!


Two Turtle Doves 2

I’ve been putting food out for the doves and squirrels regularly this winter. I place a small pile of seed on top of an upturned tub and the birds happily peck away there.

When Sparky the squirrel comes, he chases the birds away and eats whatever he wants, undisturbed.

Sparky the Squirrel

He’d just chased these two Cape Turtle Doves off their food and I felt sorry for them, so scattered some seed on the ground by my garden chair. They quickly came to peck up the seeds, hence the reasonable close ups!

Two Turtle Doves 3

Cape Turtle Doves are quite large, grey and have that distinctive black neck band. We also get the smaller Laughing Doves; more colorfully pink and without the neck band. I like that there are so many different birds that choose to frequent my little garden. It makes for very entertaining coffee breaks!


Mr Fancy Pants Returns

Mr Fancy Pants Pigeon 1

Haiku 158

When the sun beats down

It’s any port in a storm

For a thirsty bird!


We were all sitting out under the shade of the trees one afternoon, enjoying the new summer warmth and each other’s company.

I noticed a flutter up on the roof of our house and saw a smart looking pigeon had just landed there. He looked like a racing pigeon, which had either got lost, or decided to take a pit stop at our place.

He strolled down the angled tiles to the corner and looked around.

Mr Fancy Pants Pigeon 2

Next second he flew down to the pool. I guess he must have spotted this “mini lake” as he was flying by and decided to stop for a drink. He walked right up to the edge and tried to step onto the floating bottles, only to quickly flap away as they sank under his weight.

Mr Fancy Pants Pigeon 3

The poor bird must have been very thirsty as he tried repeatedly to access the water in the pool. It was too deep to reach by standing on the side and every time he stepped onto what he thought was a ledge, the bottle gave way.

He wasn’t to know it, but we have a perfectly decent bird bath under the shade of the apple tree. In fact, birds were drinking and splashing in it right at that moment! There is a Cape Robin in the photo below.

Mr Fancy Pants Pigeon 4

My daughter picked up one of the dog water bowls from the stoep and carried it towards the pigeon. Not realising this was fresh water for him, he got a little nervous and walked off circling the pool, still trying to find a way into it.

I got up and filled a watering can with fresh water. Mr Smarty Pants was over on the other side of the pool by now. I carried the dog bowl and watering can to my side of the pool and put the bowl down. With an exaggerated gesture, I poured water into the dog bowl from a height, so it was obvious that here was water.

Then I retreated back to my seat in the shade of the trees.

Mr Fancy Pants Pigeon 5

The pigeon carried on circling the pool and finally came to the dog’s water bowl. He stopped and drank – and drank – and drank!

I have never seen a bird drink so much in one go! He must have been so thirsty, poor thing.

Mr Fancy Pants Pigeon 6

We all enjoyed watching him as he hung around for a while, but eventually he flew on his way.


post script: “Any port in a storm”: In adverse circumstances you welcome any source of relief.

For those wondering why there are empty bottles in the pool: they help to reduce evaporation from the wind and sun, as we still have water restrictions and are not allowed to fill up the pool. 


Bemused Visitor

Racing Pigeon 1

Haiku 109

Looking for water

A pit-stop in my garden

Somebody’s fancy



I don’t know who was more surprised when I opened my front door the other day; me or the pigeon.

Clearly a cut above the laughing doves I usually see in my garden, the tag on this racing pigeon’s leg proclaimed his ownership.

Mr Fancy Pants was a fine muscular fellow, but looked rather bemused to see me.

Racing Pigeon 2

I have been visited before by a tagged racing pigeon, which also hung around in the front garden. When it was still there the next day I was worried a cat would get it, so I drove it all the way to the World of Birds sanctuary.

I didn’t want to have to do that again, so very slowly, I closed the front door and crept away.

Luckily for me, when I checked later, the racing pigeon had flown on his way.


post script: Yes, I know the water in the bowl looks disgusting, but this bowl is the preferred bird bath used by pigeons in my garden. The ‘dirt’ is all brought there by them. In the back garden there is a perfectly decent proper bird bath, that the Cape Bulbuls prefer, and many bowls on the stoep, that the Olive Thrushes prefer.

Still, once Mr Fancy Pants had left I did fill up the bowl with fresh water again.