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Blue Bayou

Blue Plumbago

My blue plumbago is flourishing, despite not being watered for months now.

I love the colour.

I also love this song by Roy Orbison; Blue Bayou.

Chill out for a moment while you listen to the song.

Happy Friday!



Under the Microscope

Bloom 1


Haiku 49

Sea anemone

The bloom of a fungal spore

Microbial germ



What is this?

Any of the above?

Bloom 2

Actually, this is the flower of my giant Eugenia tree, also known as an Australian Cherry tree.

The white spiky flower is out right now, along with the lovely red berries that you saw in Cherry Ripe last Monday.

Bloom 3

I’ve always thought them very pretty and not at all what you would expect to form those bright red ‘cherries’.


Isn’t Nature wonderful?


Cherry Ripe


My Australian Cherry tree, Eugenia, is full of ripe cherries. Not perhaps what you were thinking of from the title?

Many people make hedges out of this plant; I also have a few in my garden. However, this tree is immense! You can see part of the wide trunk in the background of the photo. We sit under its ample shade on hot afternoons.

Apparently the berries are edible, though I don’t eat them myself. One of my dogs used to chew on them a bit, but I don’t think he liked them very much.

Cherry Ripe was a song we used to sing at school.


Cherry ripe, cherry ripe

Ripe I cry

Full and fair ones

Come and buy


It goes quite high, so I can’t reach those notes now!

Here it is, if you’d like to listen. It’s a cheery, cherry little song! Cherry Ripe song.



White Eye

I was sitting outside on the stoep enjoying the cool evening air as the sun set. Often if you stay very still then after a while birds will join you.

Sure enough, a few Cape White Eye flew to the grape vines overhead on the stoep and twittered as they flittered about, eating the ripening grapes.

They are tiny and very hard to capture as they dart swiftly around. Also my little Canon does not do well in low light.

Finally, one stopped for a moment on a branch, silhouetted against the dimming sky.





This little fuchsia plant used to live in one of my hanging baskets under a large Eugenia tree. It wasn’t doing too well there, mostly because I’d forget to water it!

I moved it to a small pot on my stoep, where I can keep an eye on it. Since then it has flourished; so much so that it produces many of these beautiful blooms.

post script: I had to crawl on my stomach to get this shot from underneath. You can see the rim of the pot in the top left. You’re welcome!


Blooming Lovely!

Frangipani 1

My frangipani plumeria is flourishing, despite the on-going drought. It must have been in my garden for decades as it was already here when we got the house.

Frangipani 2

Since the lack of rainfall last winter, we have not been allowed to water our gardens. What survives does so all by itself.

To give you an indication of the size of my frangipani, the angular line you see top left in the photo below is part of the garage roof. The tree grows a good metre above this.

Frangipani 3

My garden is full of plants that manage to thrive without much pampering – it’s just how I garden! – so those that remain tend to be indigenous plants or just very hardy.

Besides, we are in full summer now and it is not supposed to rain in January or February. The indigenous plants know this!



Curlicue 1

I love the curls of these poppy leaves that I photographed a while ago. It was hard to catch them as it was a very windy day and the poppies were dancing all over the place.

Curlicue 2

What did Mr Rabbit think of the dancing poppies?

He didn’t say. He was silent as a stone!


Curlicue – A decorative curl or twist in calligraphy or in the design of an object