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A Study in Lavender


Haiku 81

Nature’s own palette

Lavender and darkest green





Freesia 1

Haiku 79

Though a late bloomer

Colours fuse beautifully




We used to have freesias of many different colours, but over the years the yellow ones have tended to dominate. I don’t know why. I also had one white freesia this year.

Sometime after all the freesias had died down, this last flower shyly peeped out.

Freesia 2

She is a creamy colour that seems to be a lovely hybrid of the yellow and white plants.

The colour makes me think of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Mmmmm

I also like the shape of the older flower drying out towards the bottom. It sort of looks like a squid!


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Cape Daisies 1

Wildflowers are springing up over all the wastelands.

Cape Daisies 2

Good winter rains (Hooray!) and now long sunny days are perfect conditions for everything to flourish.

Cape Daisies 3 and LM

These are Cape Daisiesarctotheca calendula, modelled by Little Monkey this very morning.


Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lavender 1

Haiku 77

Lucky Lavender

Cast your spell as I walk by

Lingering perfume



I bought a new lavender bush, since my old one suddenly died. This one seems to be a different variety; chunky and not as refined. Hopefully its ruggedness will help it do better.

Lucky Lavender 2


post script: I have written a few posts on lavender and hesitated to do another, but I liked the photo I’d managed to capture in the sunlight, so thought, “Why not?” The little haiku came after, but I’m quite chuffed with it. I doubt anyone will notice, except perhaps Scooj, who counts the syllables! 

Also, I’d chosen the title Lucky Lavender and then realised this is my 77th haiku. 7 is my lucky number. Serendipitous or what?


Sunlit Composition

Loquat 1

I noticed a squirrel scrambling around behind the apple tree and then running off along the fence. I guessed he had been to check if the loquats were ripe yet.

When I went to look I was surprised to see that several of the fruit were already a lovely yellow-gold.

I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. When I take a photo I am very aware of the background, which can add to the effect. Afterwards I look through my photos to see if I’ve got any that I like, or that have the effect I was trying to achieve.

This photo was taken with the camera held above my head and into the sun, so it was a bit of a hit-or-miss.

What I like about it is the glint of the sun on the fruit, showing up the fuzzy skin; the one clear leaf, with a browning edge, hanging down in the middle of the frame; and also the ‘bokeh’ in the top right hand corner that is little dots of light.

I don’t think of myself as a photographer; my camera does most of the work! But I know what I like and often spend a long time editing photos to my preferences.

Below is what the photo was like before I cropped it.

Loquat 2

Of course, there will be some of you who prefer the un-cropped version and some who would have cropped it differently.

That’s fine. It is our differences that make life more interesting.