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Ultra Pink!

Pink Rose 1

No need to enhance this photo; Nature does it all.

Pink Rose 2

My daughter’s floribunda rose bush produces the most glorious pink blooms.

Pink Rose 3

Even in mid-winter!


post script: It is winter right now here in Cape Town South Africa.



Dew Dream

Dew 1


Dew Dream

If you look quickly

Right down on the ground

You might catch a glimpse

Where fairies abound


Dew 2

See that slight flicker

Corner of your eye

A glint of red-gold

Just before they fly


Dew 3

Oh no you’re too late

They’re gone in a flash

And all that is left

Is you and the grass!


Dew 4

It was lovely to see these sparkling diamonds all over my lawn after some good rains.

In real life there were all sorts of colours; orange, blue and purple. However, when this was processed through my camera, they mostly turned to white sparkles.

So, it is impossible to capture fairies – even in a photo!


post script: For those of you who cannot make the last verse rhyme, I have a northern English accent with the short ‘a’ for grass, not graaaass. 



Golden Honeysuckle 1



Petals fall with icy rain

Discarded like old news

Maybe now it’s winter

There’s nothing left to lose


Dancing wildly in the wind

You shed your golden crown

Then with great aplomb you go

And grow another gown


Golden Honeysuckle 2

This golden honeysuckle was one of three plants I bought recently to brighten up a new wall. It seems to be a different variety to my usual honeysuckle though, as it is growing straight up rather than bushing out.

Golden Honeysuckle 3

The first thing it did once I’d planted it was shed its lovely bright flowers.

It was fine though, as it instantly began producing more.


Not an Elephant! aka Toadstools

Toadstool 1

Today I present many toadstool photos, none of which are elephants in tall elephant grass!

Toadstool 2

This was my “elephant” from above; clearly looking nothing like one!

Toadstool 3

And here is the photo I tried to trick you with in my post Elephant Grass recently. Sadly for me, most of you knew exactly what it was, despite my spending ages adjusting the photo to look more elephant-like! (The photo on the left is unaltered; on the right is blurred, darkened and colour adjusted.)

Toadstool 4

Normally I don’t like to see toadstools all over the lawn as I worry a bit about fungal spores. I am supposedly allergic to them.

Toadstool 5

But this time I welcomed each and every one of the little fungi.

Toadstool 6

Their very presence here indicates that we have had some good rains lately.

Toadstool 7



Seasonal Allergies



A Hay Fever Sufferer’s Lament

Seasonal allergies?

All very well my dear

But what if your flowers

Bloom all *flipping year?



You would never think that our Winter Solstice is fast approaching on 21 June.

Right now in my garden:

Rose bushes are still producing new buds

Honeysuckles are gloriously adorned with flowers

Poinsettia is flaunting a brand new red crown

Camellia is poised to explode into one big pink extravaganza


It is no wonder that I have allergies all year round!


*flipping: I refer to the English meaning “for emphasis or to express mild annoyance” and not the American meaning “purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or flipping) it for profit”!

I had no idea of the American meaning until I googled the word to double check it wasn’t swearing!


Three Little Maids

Three Roses 1

I find it interesting just how much the background of a photo can make a difference to a shot.

Here I present a series of three photos of roses blooming on my floribunda bush right now. (Yes we are approaching winter, but my roses don’t care!)

Three Roses 2

I changed my position as I took the shots, to alter what was showing in the background.

People have different tastes in art, so I suppose will like different things in a photo.

Three Roses 3 – Photo One

Maybe you like the busy green background of photo one above?

Three Roses 4 – Photo Two

Or the less busy, but still something going on, background of photo two?

Three Roses 5 – Photo Three

I prefer the plain dark background of photo three.

Three Roses 1

I like the crisp edge it gives to the petals and how the pink shows up beautifully against the darkness. (It looks much crisper before being processed by WordPress.)


What’s your favourite photo? You are welcome to tell me in the comments below.


post script: Obviously I don’t have the photographic skills of most of my fellow bloggers, nor the correct terminology. I’m just having fun!

“Three Little Maids” refers to the song, Three Little Maids From School Are We, from Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera, The Mikado.


Wall Flower

Flower Child 1


Haiku 56

Here’s your new best friend

Snuggle in the warm sunshine

Little Flower Child



Here is my very own little Flower Child; a furry hippy who loves to snuggle up with my flowers.

Flower Child 2

Little Monkey is often to be found lolling around, near – and on – my blue plumbago. When I take her for a walk I find lots of little blue flowers stuck to her coat. She looks very jolly.

Flower Child 3

We have recently had a new section of wall erected. To make it less boring I have planted three small honeysuckle plants. My others have done so well that I have high hopes for these too. The Sunbirds love them and I love the Sunbirds.

Flower Child 4

Little Monkey also loves them and couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with the new plants. It looks like they are her new best friends!