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Sun Kissed

Sunlight Through Vines 1

Sunlight filtering through grape vines, as they just begin to change colour at the end of a very long, hot, dry summer. This is an untouched photo.

Sunlight Through Vines 2

I love how the light shines through, illuminating each leaf;

Sunlight Through Vines 3

Giving the scene an abstract look.

Sunlight Through Vines 4

And did you spot little Sparky the squirrel? He was the whole reason I took the photos in the first place! He is in every photo above.

I had parked in the shade and when I got out of the car I heard a rustling sound. On looking up I noticed movement.

Little Sparky, it seems, was watching me just as much as I was watching him!


Underneath the Arches

Hydrangea 1

Galaxy 8

These are some of the biggest hydrangea blooms I’ve ever seen.

Hydrangea 2

It is hard to do them justice in a photo, but if you look in the shot below, you can get some indication of their size by checking out the archway to the right.

Hydrangea 3

My friend and I walked underneath the archway (without doing the limbo!) and though I might be a tad under average height, my friend is a respectable 5′ 9″.


This is the eighth in my series of Galaxy camera phone photos.


post script: For a trip down memory lane; or for you youngsters, a golden oldie; here’s “Underneath the Arches” sung by Flanagan and Allen.


I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens . . .

Alien Plant 1

Alien Plant 1

. . . But it’s Aliens!*

This little succulent of my daughter’s has always seemed like an alien plant to me.

Alien Plant 2

Alien Plant 2

Look at its little sucker type formations.

Alien Plant 3

Alien Plant 3

It came to me as a tiny little thing.

Alien Plant 4

Alien Plant 4

And it just keeps growing!

Also, a google image search for this little sucker (Baaahahaha!)  turned up nothing!

Hmmm, I’m not saying it’s Aliens, but it’s Aliens!


*post script: For those of you who have never watched Ancient Aliens on TV, here are a few memes of the Aliens guy – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. 

Image result for giorgio tsoukalos meme

Image result for giorgio tsoukalos meme


And guess what? This is my 777th Post.

Must be Aliens!


Look Who’s Back!

Flower 1

Flower 1

Springing up like new again, just in time for autumn, is this lovely flower, Nerine Bowdenii. Hooray!

It appears so suddenly, that it takes you by surprise: one day nothing, the next day there it is!

Flower 2

Flower 2

I had actually walked right past it a few times, carrying heavy watering cans to save my precious plants, when my husband pointed it out to me!

Talk about being unobservant!

Still, it’s great to know that there’s something around here growing well despite the drought.


post script: This lovely flower has appeared before in Nikon-ography #8.


You’re a Star!

Gem Squash 1

Gem Squash 1


Haiku 39

Pointy golden girl

Spreading yourself everywhere

You know you’re a Star!



I found this unusual yellow star flower growing by my air plant. On closer inspection, I realised it was growing like a creeper out of a pot on the stoep.

Gem Squash 2

Gem Squash 2

What is it? It’s a gem squash plant. My husband took a seed from a gem squash he’d eaten, stuck it in a pot and voila!

Gem Squash 3

Gem Squash 3

– Yellow star flowers and teeny tiny gem squash in the making!



Pink Flowers 1

Pink Flowers 1

Galaxy 4

I recently came across this beautiful flowering bush at a rose farm; a plethora of pink!

What caught my eye was the massive black bee/beetle thing that was buzzing around the flowers. However, large as it was, it was too quick for me and I see I didn’t capture it here!

Pink Flowers 2

Pink Flowers 2

Still, the flowers were stunning enough and I enjoyed their wealth of colour. I think this is a type of wild rose, from the rose subfamily, Rosoideae, called Wood’s Rose.

This is the fourth in my Galaxy camera phone photos. I will say this for the camera phone; the colours are excellent.


Plethora – A large or excessive amount of something.