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Blue Friday

Blue Plumbago 1

Haiku 154

True blue plumbago

A rare natural colour

Chase the blues away


Blue Plumbago 2

While trimming my large chaotic plumbago plant, this small bloom was left on the grass. I love the colour and it was far too pretty to throw in the bin, so I rescued it.

Blue Plumbago 3

Placed in my favourite small vase, I can now enjoy it!



Unexpected Bounty

Rain on leaf

Plumbago 1

Haiku 91

Manna from Heaven

An unexpected shower

How very welcome


Rain on blue petals

Plumbago 2

My blue plumbago bush was very happy to receive a little rainfall in the middle of the dry season. *Manna from Heaven indeed.


post script: The expression *”Manna from Heaven” means you get something unexpected and good just when you need it.


Blue Monday

Blue 1

Just because it’s a Blue Monday, doesn’t mean it has to be bad.

Blue 2

This bright blue plumbago adds a lovely dash of unusual colour to my garden.

Blue 3

It’s interesting how all the funny little spikes develop into beautiful petals and that they each somehow find their place to make up the full bloom.

Blue 4

Blue Monday can be fun too.

Have a good one!


Flower Light

Plumbago 1

Plumbago 1


Though we’re heading into cooler weather and the start of winter here in Cape Town, there are still many flowering plants in pots on my stoep and in my garden.

This lovely light blue plumbago adds a little brightness to my day.

Plumbago 2

Plumbago 2

Though I am finding out how difficult it is to take photos in dimmer light! See the difference in this second photo which just looks glum, though it was taken of the same plant, at the same time.

I am so used to bright sunlight, that it is getting very tricky to take decent shots now that the sun is either absent (clouds) or at a low angle.

Added to this, the majority of my plants are strategically placed to be in the shade for most of the day anyway, so that they can survive in mid-summer!

Using a flash just doesn’t have the natural effect I like. Now I am beginning to understand how hard it must be for those of you in less sunny parts of the world, to take those amazing photos. And how skilled you all are!