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Poinsettia Sunset


A typical winter’s evening

Sun sinking to the horizon

Blasts out one last burst of light

Golden leaves irradiated as a backdrop

Highlight the reddest of red Poinsettia

Christmas Rose mid-winter bloom

Splendid splash of scarlet

In the coldest months

Alleviates the dull green hues

Of a Cape Town garden



post script: To achieve the best effect on the photo, turn the brightness up on your device. 



A Christmas Rose by Any Other Name

Christmas Rose - Poinsettia

Christmas Rose – Poinsettia

In the midst of a cold, wet, windy Cape winter, this poinsettia blooms with cheery bright red flowers. Captured here with early morning dew, this would be frost, if it were colder in the Western Cape. Luckily for my plants, it never gets cold enough to freeze.

Here in Cape Town, you get 4 months of winter followed by 8 months of summer; with a few perfect days during the transitions that pass for spring or autumn. But I grew up in England, where there were 4 distinct seasons. You didn’t mind winter so much, because spring was just around the corner.

Every December, my mother would buy a little pot plant that she called a Christmas Rose. Of course it was kept inside, sitting on the window ledge amongst the Christmas decorations. It had one big red flower. This was what a poinsettia looked like in England. I knew no better till I came here.



It never ceases to amaze me that all through winter there are plants, such as the poinsettia, in full bloom. They add such a welcome warmth to the garden.




This is what my poinsettia looks like, with my dog posing for a size comparison. So, yep, a tad larger than my Mum’s little indoor plant!