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Funny Face

Little Monkey

Little Monkey

Those of you who follow my blog will know the normal face of Little Monkey. See Little Monkey Two Three

Here, I was creeping along the carpet with the camera to take her picture (no flash of course – sensitive dog’s eyes) and I caught such a funny expression. It’s like she is saying, “What are you doing now, Mum?”



Portrait of a Dog #9

Little Monkey

Little Monkey

I Love you Mum!

Little Monkey after her bath – eagerly expectant of a treat!

post script: Disclaimer! For all those (one) of you who notice that the choke chain is on incorrectly:- It was placed round her neck correctly, but she leapt in the air and jumped around like an Idiot, till it had moved to the other side. I only ever use this old choke chain for her bath, while her usual soft collar is washed and drying on the line with her lead. She has a lovely red material collar which you will notice in all her photos.


Gimp my Pride!

Rose Bud - Orson

Rose Bud – Orson

The proud rose is gimped!

My daughter showed me how to use GIMP this weekend. I couldn’t wait to play around with it.

Rose 2

Rose 2

And the original –

Original Rose

Original Rose

So, which do you prefer?

post script: Why is the rose bud always called Orson? So far only one person has noticed!


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Mr SL sleeps

Mr SL in the land of Nod!

Shhh – Mr Spaghetti Legs is sleeping!

The saying Let sleeping dogs lie was often used by the British Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, from early 1700. However, he did not invent it, as it has been around in similar form since at least the early 14th century.

Portrait of a Dog #6


Joie de Vivre - the Idiot

Joie de Vivre – Little Monkey

Joie de Vivre!

Do you wanna play now, Mum?

How about NOW?

Little Monkey, nine years going on two. Full of life and boundless energy. Always ready for a game.

She was born in a rescue centre, from a rescued pregnant female. Adopted as a puppy by students, she was returned at eighteen months as the new place they moved to did not allow dogs. There is no stigma attached to this. If you can no longer care for the dog, please take it back to the rescue organisation, where it will be cared for until they can re-home it.

I’ve no doubt they loved her; threw the ball round the garden for her; had her sterilised and vaccinated. She was certainly never abused. But a dog like Little Monkey, of such an anxious, unbalanced nature, needed more than that. She needed exercise; such as daily walks round the area; and discipline; such as sitting quietly while waiting, not leaping in the air.

She has been, and continues to be, my most difficult dog. A simple walk is exhausting. In the beginning, she freaked out at everything; a bag full of grass clippings; a motorbike, parked and silent; something present, or absent, that was or wasn’t there on yesterday’s walk. And the dogs!! Seven years of taking her every week to socialise with 20 to 30 dogs all loose on a field and she still freaks out and leaps in the air when passing a dog on a walk. This is what happens to unbalanced dogs if they are unsocialised until eighteen months old.

From her I learnt patience. A lesson she teaches me over and over, all day, every day.

But, she has an endearing puppy-like quality that will never disappear. She is always ready for fun, always excited to see you again, and she does not bite! It could be worse.