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Houston – It’s All Your Fault!!

Daisy Daisy

Daisy Daisy

I am humbled.

The other week I published my post in the afternoon, and then was busy doing other stuff. When I checked on my blog later, I found not one single “like” or “comment”.

Now, I did not expect this particular post to be popular (It was the Abstract Sundial – which actually later turned out to be way more popular than anticipated). Some posts will automatically get a lot of attention, maybe because it’s a nice photo of flowers, or sunsets; yet other posts, which may take me a great deal of time to prepare, pass by quietly unnoticed, as a ship in the night!

Still, no “likes” at all? So I went to my WP Reader, only to discover that the post was not there!

Back to my dashboard. Yes, it says it has published. Further investigation reveals that while it did publish, it was actually 4 days ago!

What was going on?

I have found this occasionally in the past. Apparently when I am working on a post in draft, and save it, WP gets its knickers in a twist and decides, all by itself, to set the post up as a schedule to publish. So when I press Publish, it has already entered this old arbitrary date of a previous edit, and there you go – my post is 4 days old, and no-one has ever seen it!

I changed the status back to Draft, re-scheduled it to Publish in 5 minutes time, and pressed Update.  (Don’t forget this one either!)

Finally, my Abstract Sundial appeared in my WP Reader, and started receiving attention.

Still, it is a humbling experience to put to your creation out there and have it seemingly ignored. Certainly makes you stop taking things for granted!