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Sunday Musings #60

She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails. 

– Elizabeth Edwards


This quote is for all those who have had to be stronger, and endure longer, than they ever thought possible.

Take a step back, breathe and try again.

You will weather the storm.


An appropriate quote for today, as winter storms batter the Cape: Finally! We desperately need the rain.



Pass By

Cape Weaver 1

Cape Weaver 1

I think this is a female Cape Weaver, but I’m prepared to be informed otherwise!

It was pretty hard to see clearly (even after having washed the windows!) as I was sitting way back in my lounge. This is the original shot –

Cape Weaver 2

Cape Weaver 2

There is a saying that goes something like this: “If you stay in one place long enough, eventually the whole world will pass by.”

I can’t find it on google. (I know!) It could be a Chinese proverb quoted by Sun Tzu, an interpretation of Confucius, or an old Japanese saying: “If you sit by the river long enough you will see the body of your enemy float by”.

All I know is this: as I sit on my chair in the lounge, one bird after another alights on my fence. I have seen Cape White Eyes, Mossies, Cape Robins, Bulbuls, Pigeons, Olive Thrushes and Fiscal Shrikes; even squirrels from time to time. And now this Cape Weaver.

So I do begin to feel that all I have to do is sit here and wait for the world to come to me. Or at least all the little animals.


Sunday Musings #34

Forget the times of your distress, but never forget what they taught you.

– Herbert Gasser


It is often hard when you are going through tough times ever to envisage things getting better. I read once to ask yourself, will I still have this problem five years from now? The answer is usually: No.

There is also the saying, “What does not kill you makes you stronger.” To which you start to reply, “Then I must be invincible by now!”

So if you are going through a tough time, remember it will not last. Something will change, even if it is only that you accept it.

And that you need the bad times to appreciate the good times!


Sunday Musings #32

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.

– Mahatma Gandhi


I think many of us, myself included at times, have the thought, “I’m only one person, what difference can I make?”

But Gandhi has it right. Do it anyway.

When many people do one thing it soon starts to make a difference; be it something so simple as recycling, donating blood or helping out at charity organisations. Over time each individual contribution mounts up and together with others, the results become noticeable.

I hope that together we can make a difference to the damage we have all done to the Earth and begin to reverse the effects, so our children’s children can enjoy it, and maybe see a tiger in the wild.


Sunday Musings #30

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.

– Martin Luther


OK so I didn’t plant an apple tree today, but I did prune my roses; a tad early as it turns out, because I thought it was the end of July already, not a week off, and you’re only supposed to prune your roses on 15th August.

This date I got from an elderly neighbour, who had the most magnificent rose bushes blooming in glory year after year. Everyone else around would notice when she pruned hers and quickly go off to prune their own measly specimens, myself included!

Well, it is sunny and pleasant and next weekend it may be pouring down with gale force winds. So ’tis done.

This doesn’t really fit in with Martin’s quote above, but I do like it.