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The Most Beautiful Sound in the World


Rainfall in a drought-stricken land.


Haiku 44

Whispers in the night

Dying leaves now susurrate




How I have missed the soothing sound of rain falling, especially in the middle of the night.

My trusty Canon captured Nature’s special effects: Raindrops frozen in spacetime.

In the background you can just make out the pink blobs that are new blooms on my camellia bush.


post script: I just love the word susurrate: meaning, of leaves or wind, making a whispering, rustling sound. Definitions and origins can be found here: susurratesusurration.




It’s Raining – Rain!

Rain 1


We have rain.





Rain 2

Look at the lovely white skies! Many of you commented on the clear blue skies of my last post, Fleeting Visitor, but as you know, we’d trade it all for some rain. Good heavy rain storms with Thunder and Lightning.

Rain 3

Little Monkey wasn’t too impressed that I still took her to dog class! But really, it was so refreshing to stand under the trees watching the lightning strike the clouds and to experience that wonderful, cleansing rain.

I hope some of this rain falls in the catchment areas to replenish the dams a little bit. It will be just in the nick of time too, as our dam levels are down to 23%; the last 10% of which is difficult to use, so really we only have 13% left.

So, yes, I know you don’t particularly like being out in the rain, LM, but me, I love it!





Hooray! It is raining!

Look at the raindrops in Little Monkey’s water bowl.

Those of you living in wetter climates, with so much rain you are waterlogged or even flooded, may not appreciate the joy a good rain can bring.

Here in drought-stricken Cape Town, it is a major cause for celebration. Our dams are down to 52% storage capacity and summer has hardly begun. Our hottest month is February and rains were not expected until winter; next July.

So, though today’s unseasonal rain won’t be enough to fill up the dams, at least it provides some respite for our parched gardens and tops up LM’s water bowls.



Frankly, My Dear, I Do Give A Dam!

Dam Levels

Dam Levels

Winter is our rainy season, most falling in June and July. It is supposed to be raining right now. We really need rain.

If you look at the graph, Weekly dam levels in Cape Town, you can see how low our dam levels are, compared to last year, 2015, when they were severely low, causing water restrictions throughout the whole of last summer, Dec 2015/Jan 2016. (Which wasn’t helped by the severe heat wave and daily temperatures of 38C.)

You have to look at the total storage capacity, as some dams may be fairly full, but are also very small. The largest dam is Theewaterskloof, which is only at 43.5% capacity.

The total storage of all the dams this year is only 48.1%. For the same week in 2015 the total storage was 61.5% and in 2014 it was 101%.

I don’t know how we will cope this coming summer if we don’t get more rain right now.

So where’s all our rain gone?

I think the UK might have the answer to that one!


Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head!

Dianthus 1

Dianthus 1


Silver drops of mercury

Glistening like dew

Fallen from the sky with love

Gifted just for you


Dianthus 2

Dianthus 2

Life-giving rain finally falls as a deluge, drowning these little Dianthus plants.

But they don’t seem to mind.

Dianthus 3

Dianthus 3

Tomorrow, the sun could be out in full force again, so they need all the water they can get, while they can!


post script: You can listen here to Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.




There has been so much winter rain lately, it has filled the little rivulet that sometimes runs along the bottom of the soccer field.

If you stop and listen for a moment, you will hear the satisfying peep of little pogs, calling to each other.

If you stoop low and peer into the clear ice-cold water, and stay very still, you will see fat little tadpoles swimming around.

Grow up quickly, my little friends, before the streamlet dries up again.

For my little tadpoles!

post script: a pog is a frog, of course!