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The Magic Light Show


I have a crystal pendant hanging in one window that throws a rainbow out across the room whenever the sunlight strikes it at a certain angle. It is a very pretty effect.

Above is the rainbow it casts on a coffee table.

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Above is a Gallery of the changing rainbow colours as sunlight strikes the crystal.


As I have said in a previous post, Scattering Rainbows, you can split white light (sunlight) up into its constituent colours using a glass prism, (or crystal, as here). This was first done by Isaac Newton.



Scattering Rainbows

Sunlight Rainbow


Haiku 62

Prismatic colours

Hidden inside a sunbeam

Scattering rainbows



Here is proof that white light is made up of all the colours of the rainbow.

When I took a shot facing the early morning sun, my trusty little Canon camera somehow managed to turn┬áthe sun’s rays into this lovely colour spectrum.

You can split white light up into its constituent colours using a glass prism. This was first done by Isaac Newton.


Mystery Post The Third – Answer

Lights 1

Lights 1

So this was Tuesday’s mystery post. I wonder if you guessed what it was?

Lights 2

Lights 2

Rainbow colours caused by sunlight shining through my magic crystal hanging in the window and hitting the top of the Croc shoe at just the right angle to produce coloured spots.

No, I didn’t position this at all; I was walking down the passage when I noticed the pretty colours.

Lights 3

Lights 3

There’s something just so pleasing about rainbows.

To find out what was causing the prism effect, see my magic crystal post Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


Well done to all of you who hazarded a guess; many of you came close, especially with the shoe part, and even some with the prism lighting effect.

Thank You for participating.