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Ladybird 1

Haiku 126

Before you fly home

Stop by my roses a while

Welcome visitor!


Ladybird 2

Just the other day I was lamenting that it is yonks since I last saw a Ladybird in my garden. The next day my husband found this little lass, who the wind had blown into our lounge!

Ladybird 3

We gently transferred her onto the rose bush.

I hope she settles down for a lengthy stay and can keep the aphids from eating my roses!

Ladybird 4


I’m sure you all know the nursery rhyme, which dates back to 1744:

Ladybird Ladybird

Fly away home

Your house is on fire

And your children have flown.


Mother Nature Weeps

Rose 1

Haiku 88

Softly falls the rain

Capture every single drop

Mother Nature weeps


Rose 2

Here in Cape Town we are in our dry season, which lasts about five months. So any rain is especially welcome at this time of year, even if it is only one millimetre!

Rose 3

My roses are grateful. As am I!


A Rose For You

Red Red Rose

Haiku 85

Heavenly perfume

One of Nature’s miracles

The scent of a rose


This rose is from my garden. I only have three rose bushes; one large plant that produces an abundance of pink roses, with little scent, and two small ones that produce only a few red blooms, but with a magnificent scent.

I wish I could somehow transmit this beautiful aroma across the ether!

This red rose is for all my Northern friends; especially Pam at Butterflysand, who loves roses.

May it brighten your day as you approach winter.


Roses Are Pink


Ode to a Rose

Roses are pink

Violets are Lilac

It’s hard to think

Of a word for the last line that scans and rhymes with lilac!



After a short winter hiatus, my roses have returned resplendently.

Summer has now officially arrived; spectacularly so as it will reach 33C today.


Three Little Maids

Three Roses 1

I find it interesting just how much the background of a photo can make a difference to a shot.

Here I present a series of three photos of roses blooming on my floribunda bush right now. (Yes we are approaching winter, but my roses don’t care!)

Three Roses 2

I changed my position as I took the shots, to alter what was showing in the background.

People have different tastes in art, so I suppose will like different things in a photo.

Three Roses 3 – Photo One

Maybe you like the busy green background of photo one above?

Three Roses 4 – Photo Two

Or the less busy, but still something going on, background of photo two?

Three Roses 5 – Photo Three

I prefer the plain dark background of photo three.

Three Roses 1

I like the crisp edge it gives to the petals and how the pink shows up beautifully against the darkness. (It looks much crisper before being processed by WordPress.)


What’s your favourite photo? You are welcome to tell me in the comments below.


post script: Obviously I don’t have the photographic skills of most of my fellow bloggers, nor the correct terminology. I’m just having fun!

“Three Little Maids” refers to the song, Three Little Maids From School Are We, from Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera, The Mikado.


Anti-Valentine’s Day

Day Zero Rose

I don’t “Do” Valentine’s Day.

If I love someone, it’s every day.

I don’t need companies selling expensive cards or heart-shaped chocolates to make money out of me. I don’t condone roses being sold at a higher price today, because now they are in demand!

Still, I know from past years that most of WP will be full of gooey Valentine stuff.

That’s fine!

But here’s my contribution.

David Bowie singing Valentine’s Day.


(Still miss you David!)

Yes, I know I’ve posted David before. But really, he beats all other Valentine’s Day offerings hands down!

This one’s for you, Pix. 


Ode to a Rose

Red Red Rose

Ode to a Rose

Pretty ruby rose

Why hang your heavy head

Is your secret life

Better left unsaid?


Is your glorious scent

That wafts as you’re unfurled

How you wish to be

Remembered by the world?



What a Whopper! I’m trying to show how big this bloom was in comparison to my hand, though it was so heavy on its tiny stalk that it was falling over.

My deep red rose bush only produces a few blooms each season, but they have the most glorious scent.

No matter how late I am, I always have to stop and smell the roses, every single time I walk past them.