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I See . . . Red Roses Too

Red Roses Too

Red Roses Too

Many roses today have little or no scent. I wish you could have smelled the sweet heady scent of this rose from last summer.


It’s Mr Spaghetti Legs by a Nose

It's Mr SL by a Nose

It’s Mr SL by a Nose

Poor old Mr Spaghetti Legs. He doesn’t see very well, doesn’t hear very well and certainly doesn’t walk very well. However, he does have an excellent nose!

old joke: 1st man: “My dog has no nose!” 

               2nd man: “Your dog has no nose? How does he smell?”

               1st man: “Terrible!”

Hahaha Did you all groan??


Pooh! Glorious Pooh!

What is it with dogs rolling in disgusting stuff? The smellier the better!

Yes, I know; strong scents are irresistible to dogs. They don’t care that it smells bad, just that it smells strong, so that when they walk among the pack, all noses turn towards them.

The other week, I was out with Mr Spaghetti Legs and Little Monkey, walking off-lead by a river and wooded area. Well, when I say walking, Mr SL and I were walking; Little Monkey was running from side to side, looking for squirrels, or anything else exciting. Apparently, she found it, and rolled in it. Pooh!

I had to give her a bath before letting her in the house. Not much fun in winter, even though the sun was shining that day.

The very next day, we are all walking on the local soccer field. I took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine, and sat on the stands in the middle of the field, while my dogs sniffed around. Next  second, Little Monkey is rolling around with glee, right by the stands. More pooh!

I feel sorry for the kids who play soccer there, as obviously, some dog owner is not picking up after their dog. At least Little Monkey cleared this patch up, saving some poor kid from skidding face first into it.

So, another bath – two days running.

I ask again; what is it with dogs rolling in disgusting stuff?

Post Script: Oops! I did not mean to “Like” my own post! I clicked in error – and don’t know how to un-click!